HO not read email / messages

Hi @Anne.323 are you wanting to link your TrustedHousesitters profile to your Forum profile?

If so you will need to Direct Message either myself, Therese or one of the Admins your THS membership details, email or ID number. As soon as we can access your account we can do this for you.

This does happen occasionally and I always find it unbelievable. I had one application 4 weeks before the date of the sit and it was never read at all. Another one I sent some time in advance and it was read but I never got a reply. Out of interest I let it sit there (despite in the meantime getting another sit for those dates) and never got a response. Some people are very discourteous but, fortunately, they are in the minority. Just move on to other sits. It will be their loss!


Hi @Bookworm. Welcome and well done on your first few sits. I’m afraid some HO’s move slowly or change their minds without telling those that have applied. I had a couple of HO’s that had my application open for 3 weeks without contacting me then I got other sits and withdrew. Just make a note of these HO’s for future reference.
I also agree with @Pips that its disappointing when the HO declines your application without a quick note saying why but it happens quite a lot so you need to accept it.

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Hi @Bookworm, I’m a HO and unfortunately it works both ways. I always reply to every applicant I receive and it’s not unusual for an applicant not to reply to a request to meet over WhatsApp, Teams etc. I guess you just have to accept that everyone has different expectations on how we should use the site.
I hope you enjoy your sits with THS, I’ve been using them for nearly 5 years now and I’ve had some amazing sitters :slight_smile:


Firstly, best not take it to heart.

If the owner has read, but not replied within 48hrs, I usually cancel the application and move on.

If the owners aren’t prepared to message, then they are not someone that Im prepared to pour my all into their pets and home.

Try not to dwell or take it as a rejection. It’s a numbers game based on personal preference. If you are not meant for each other, no probs. There will be someone out there for you.

Over time you will find your place. As an example I have never been successful getting any cat only sits or dog sits from single women. I respect their preferences. (Albeit my expertise is mainly dog focused). On all other applications I think I’m on about an 80-85% success rate.

So easy to focus on the rejections and not all the successes.


Hello @MGDGN and welcome to the community! I’ve moved your question here as this is an active ongoing conversation which I’m sure you’ll find interesting. It sometimes takes a while for pet owners to read their messages … so don’t lose heart. You’ll see from exploring the forum here that sitters, especially when starting out, apply to many sits. Keep applying and keep working on your profile to make it the best it can be. Have you got some external references uploaded? You can also share a link to your website profile here in your forum profile - then you’ll likely get some feedback from our very helpful community! Keep applying and let us know how you get on.

Hi @MGDGN - Just to let you know that there is an anomaly depending on whether the home host is using the THS App or THS website. If they read an application on the App my understanding is that it still shows as ‘UNREAD’ on the website - so this may be the explanation.


Thank you for this explanation, much appreciated :+1:

Hello @Bookworm ,

Welcome to THS and congrats for securing your first sits. I wanted to add my ‘two cents’ perspective as a homeowner regarding your post. I remember I was very overwhelmed by the positive response I got for the first dates I posted, my sitter reviews paused a few minutes after making my listing public (5 sitters at-a-time limit). Luckily this was over the weekend, and I was able to review and digest all the applications the very next day.

However, the second time I posted dates, I unconsciously did it on a week-day, so sitters applied and again within a couple hours the applications automatically paused. Because of work/travel I was only able to review them properly over the weekend (4 days later from posting) and then got back to everyone.

What I want to say is that sometimes, patience is highly appreciated as life happens and most HO want to take the time to properly review all requests and profiles and may not have the availability to do it immediately after posting. I have learned a lesson and now, I wait closer to the weekend to publish any dates so sitters don’t have to wait too long for my answer.

All the best for your upcoming trips.


This is a good idea. I have 4 that haven’t read the application.

Wow. :flushed:
I honestly can’t understand those people. Aren’t they curious? Don’t they want to see what people have written?! I’m fascinated by who’s applying to our sit!


The HO may only be able to see the 5 applications that TH allowed. Yours could be #6 that the HO can’t see or reply to. As a HO I am very upset that I am only allowed to see the first 5 applications. It seems the HO has to reject all the first 5 in order to get more applications. So please do not blame the HO for the TH new methods. See all the forum discussions about the 5 application limit.


Yeah, it wasn’t the rule of five for me. It was the HO being a bit disappointing. It’s their loss though! I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it!


Hi @TravelSpirit - I am not a fan of the 5 application rule but it is my understanding that the home host can decline individual applications one by one in order to accept more. They do not have to reject all the first five.

So, if they have received five applications, they can reject one in order to enable them to receive one more

I am sure @Ben-ProductManager will confirm that this is correct

I agree, I don’t understand (might have missed the message) why it is now limited it the homeowner only seeing the 1st 5.

Hi @JanAlayne - there is a lengthy thread on the forum called Conclusion of Pausing Applications. Hopefully you will find the answer there. As that topic is now closed it shouldn’t be discussed in other threads :weary:

Thank you for sharing the info.

As a sit (and sitter), I try to reply to all applications but sometimes it takes me a couple of days. I normally read the first applicants and if I like them, I’ll schedule a call with them first. I think of it as « first come first served « . It may be weird but I don’t want to be bias and that way I remain fair and don’t let other people’s applications sway me. If there are issues with that applicant, then I’ll go down the list to the next and so on.


@mountaingen Welcome back, and thank you for your contribution to an interesting thread.

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Thanks for raising Colin, didn’t know this was a thing.