HOA and the like?

Hello everyone

What does HOA stand for?
Is there a glossary with terms and abbreviations I could refer to please?

Thank you :blush:

Typically in the USA “HOA” stands for Homeowners Association. Meaning that the Homeowners typically have to pay a monthly or annual fee for “upkeep” or for community amenities. But in a different context i’m sure HOA could stand for something else.

aha, thank you. that is really helpful. I was racking my brains to work it out.

take care

I hate abbreviations. I racked my brains to work out what WFH meant, which seemed to crop up during the pandemic! I initially thought it was a typo of WTF! :joy::rofl:

I too hate abbreviations. When texting was a new thing I always presumed LOL to mean ‘lots of love’.

When my friend’s mum sadly passed away I sent the message “Sorry for your loss, LOL” !

Yes, been there and done that :weary:
My previous boss sent me a text with LOL and I thought he was being a bit forward!

About 10 years ago, I asked one of my employees what WTF meant: you should’ve seen her face… but she told me. She was good that way, always very helpful :grin:

Oh dear…yes, they can have double meanings and cultural differences too. Can be misleading.

I think LOL did originally mean ‘lots of love’ (at least in UK) That’s how I used it for years until I started seeing it in a context that clearly meant ‘laugh out loud’! My sister in Canada uses XOXO where I would always have used LOL. Maybe a UK vs Can/USA difference?