Could I request that when members quote things, they use the full wording rather than the abbreviations?

e.g. IDK or ICYMI. Yes, I DO know what they mean but it’s just an example, and I have to Google it :laughing: This is a global site and so many people are also quoting areas that some of us have no idea where you are talking about e.g. PNW. We don’t all come from the USA and I get tired of having to Google what and where these places are and what the abbreviations mean.

We really need to remember that (a) we aren’t all that up-to-date with modern terms (b) we are a global community not just the USA (C) many members are over the age of understanding half of what any of these abbreviations mean (d) we aren’t all “digital nomads” who use such abbreviations frequently.

Thanks, I’m “old” and just like to read exactly what something means. :laughing:


I wish people on the Forum would attach their profiles so that I can see where people live! I always get the feeling that the majority of people on the Forum live in the UK.

@PVGemini personally I don’t see the need to attach profiles unless someone is looking for specific assistance. That information to me is personal. If I read someone’s profile link, it’s just to be a sticky beak lol But I very rarely look, because it isn’t relevant to me. I have noticed some members have even removed their profile from the Forum. I think that probably the majority come from both the UK and the USA :person_shrugging:

I feel that abbreviations of cities/areas etc to be more my point about being relevant on a global site. It’s like if I were to quote SEQ. Nobody apart from an Australian would have a clue where that was, hence I would write South East Queensland, in full.

With my Australian flag being my avatar, I guess it’s easy to see where I come from :rofl:


What does IKYMI mean :smiley::smiley::smiley:. Most American states, I don’t have a clue.

@Chrissie my mistake with the abbreviation, because I didn’t know! :rofl: Edited. ICYMI - In case you missed it.

From one oldie to another- many years ago my boss ended an informal email with LOL. I thought he was sending Lots of Love :joy:


@Twitcher lol :rofl::rofl: (pun). A dear old friend of mine who is 85 years young today, every time she wants to laugh at something on Facebook she writes, lol lol lol lol - multiple times! She does believe that she has to do a lol for each ha ha ha. She would have NO idea about abbreviations dear thing :laughing:

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So funny! I am impressed she is on Facebook as well.
Most of the abbreviations on here go over my head but it is fun making up my own interpretations :joy:

@Twitcher not just your friend UK ( United Kingdom ) PM ( Prime minister ) David Cameron did the same :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case, english is not my native language, so I like to learn abbreviations that are only found in forums like this :grin: :grin:.

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That’s funny because I get the impression the majority are from the USA - for @ziggy the United States of America :wink:

Now you need to explain what ‘sticky beak’ means, although I do know now

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First time I’ve heard of that!

I absolutely hate LOL

@Smiley that’s hilarious, re referring me to the abbreviation for USA :rofl::rofl:

Sticky beak just means basically an inquisitive, prying person - LOL :joy::joy::joy: Sorry, had to say it, I don’t like it either :wink:

If I am not mistaken this is not the first time you have called out the USA for the
references/abbreviations etc, which is not just an “American” posting issue.

And I have ignored the cheek in the past.

When I read a post, if I am interested enough, I will GTS or not for references for which I am unfamiliar.
I don’t disparage an entire country for my lack of familiarity or current knowledge.

What is a hobb anyway?
I still don’t know and I don’t care enough to look it up but I got the gist of that post anyway; the sitter didn’t clean up. Got it.

This is a forum, it’s a modern interaction and I think it is us who should roll with it and learn its ways rather than trying to bring the forum into the 20th century.

Mods. I am not being unkind and I respect the forum community and my post is to address the call out to the U.S., which in itself is in poor taste.
Please do not delete this post.


I agree. I had to GTS (I looked that up in Urban dictionary now) the word “esky” once, and that was an Australian thing…

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I agree. Please spell out words so people know what you’re talking about!


I agree. It’s not smart or clever to use abbreviations, just a bit lazy.


Hello everyone, there have been a couple of flagged posts on this thread, I am not going to remove any or close the thread at this point.

It is completely fine to ask for people to use full words rather than abbreviations, but it is also completely fine for people to continue to choose to use abbreviations. Outside of anything that breaches the posting terms or guidelines members are free to express themselves as they see fit.

As others have mentioned as a multicultural platform members are likely to use different words, abbreviations, phrases etc. Feel free to ask what they mean, it’s great to share and learn. Remember to keep it impartial and not make it about any one country or demographic as the forum is a fantastic multicultural group of greatness!

Any concerns my DM’s are always open. :smiling_face: