Home host losting dates thwarted by the "no over lap"

Hey THS,

I am listing 4 consecutive weeks of dates.

I don’t want to list the dates as a full month, as there is flexibility in THsitters doing all or some of the dates; month listing could turn some sitters off from applying.

Home host should be able to list weeks with the same start date.

Currently, my dates look like a sitter can arrive on Sept 13th and leave on the 20th. Cool.

BUT I actually need the next sitter to ARRIVE on the 20th when sitter “A” is/may departing on the 20th.

The next round of dates starting on the 21st is NOT accurate since I would need the next sitter to arrive on the 20th at some point.

If the next sitter arrives on the 21st, my cat will be left alone if I cant schedule a sitters to leave and depart on the same day.

If sitter A needs to leave at 7am on the 20th and sitter B arrives at 7am on the 21st… THS has made it so that my cat is left alone for 24 hrs.

I know that sitters can apply for a next sit on the same day their current sit ends but from a home host perspective, my cat could be left alone for a 24hr period based on a THS “policy” of schedule limitations.

Please allow home hosts to list dates with the overlapping start end dates.


You can maybe solve that by stating in your description that you expect the sitter to arrive the day before the start of every sit period. That is what is have seen quite a lot. But it is a workaround. One of the issues I have sometimes with HO offering a sit, is that when they do not state their expectations in the description about when they expect me to arrive, I have to guess and the to apply or not. It would be nice if THS would have a solution for this handover at the beginning.

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Thank you @markhellemans for this suggestion of which I am aware.

BUT truly…with time zones…flight travel…perceptions etc…and not being able to show the EXACT dates on profile and dashboards,

Room for mistakes is high AND my cat would suffer. WHICH is the issue that THS is supposedly trying to avoid but of which the scheduling is CREATING.

(Caps and emphasis for THS=)


I know this isn’t in response to the question you are asking, but many sitters like a sit of a month, much better than a week (I don’t like week long sits I never feel settled) so if they search for longer sits they won’t even see yours, so won’t know they can be added together.
Also doing a split sit , particularly 4 is very off putting. If sitter 1 left the place a mess who would you blame, and if sitter 1 broke something and didn’t tell you, again who would you blame?

Try listing as 1 sit before you split it


Thank you @JackieX for the input.
All good points worth consideration.

I agree with @JackieX, you’re complicating things for yourself & sitters would likely be put off perhaps thinking you’d be returning for a night in between each sit.

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I agree with both @JackieX and @Smiley . I happened upon your listing when looking for my next sit and you certainly have a beautiful home and Ollie looks adorable. :heart_eyes_cat: But like Jackie, I would much prefer a month to a week, many sitters do, and how your sit dates are written, you might not GET someone suitable for one or two of those dates and that will REALLY mess you up. I see you have two applications for October and none for the other dates, what happens in October in MA? I thought it might be getting colder then. (Bunnycat has since answered that question) :smiling_face:

Looking at the listing again, I agree with Smiley, you are definitely complicating things for yourself unnecessarily. I believe your opening statement leaves HS’s wondering what you really mean and if you are, in fact, actually open for applications or just interest. You will have far more complications with these separate dates than having one sitter/s for the full month. From someone who ALWAYS writes far too much, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I feel your ad comes across far too “busy” and complicated. Stick to one month, remove all your “preliminary” information and you will find suitable sitters. Just my opinion as a long term full-time sitter.

The Fall foliage in NH is spectacular.


@BunnyCat thanks for that, I’ve only ever been there in December/January and March/April, still lovely though :maple_leaf::herb:

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Thanks @ziggy for the kind words and others for your input…not why I posted but appreciate the efforts and feedback.

I am chatting with a couple sitters now…

And have a couple that agreed to keep in touch…

I will pull it down again and rework, most likely.

It really is subjective…isnt it.

I would not apply to a sit that listed a full month if I could only do a week or two, as I would take that as one sitter for the month only please and would not spend the time then reading the listing…so could miss the “text explanation.”

The Fall in New England is pretty magical and lively but NH (and I venture N.E.) is not one of those competitive/in demand areas…

@HelloOutThere If you do successfully split the sit into 4 separate sitters you would have to write your review of the first and second sitter before you return home . Which is not ideal .

Better to post the whole sit and if someone can’t do a week at beginning or end you could maybe consider adjusting the dates and creating a second listing for those dates if necessary and the first sitter is happy to take over / handover to another sitter.

These previous threads about spilt sits may give you further insight into a sitter’s perspective.


Helpful and insightful as always!

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Hello @HelloOutThere Thank you for your post.

I also wanted to help and say this was always the case for owners before the new overlapping sit system was put in place. It was not part of the new overlapping sits feature for sitters. Owners can not book sitters that overlap as the system is set up to only be able to give one review per set of dates.

What I can do is pass your feedback on to the team that is currently working on the inbox and applications as this is insightful feedback to share about if owners want to split sit dates rather than post the whole sit. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Carla.

I did not mean to imply that it was a result of the no overlapping policy just a schedule issue policy.

I now have a great sitter for part and who is willing to do a hand off but I can’t schedule the over lap date.

If sitters can apply for a sit for the same day of their departure, it makes sense for home owners as it is similar in concept.

One sitter is preferred overall, I venture to guess.

I did a split sit in Jan and all went perfectly for the thsitters.

Maybe one sitter would have taken this month sit BUT I could not resist the sitter I spoke with who could only do two weeks.

NH is not highly sought/ cosmopolitan/competitive so a month here I would also venture to guess is a bit harder to fill.

Thanks all🙂


Thank you for clarifying for me. I have passed this on for you and any updates I will let you know.

We had one of our best-ever sits in NH in the winter with snow, chickens and cats. There was a wood burner so it was so cosy! It was a beautiful area and very relaxing. We worked from home and enjoyed not having to move on so quickly, so you never know what someone is looking for. I hope you find someone amazing soon :smiling_face:

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