Home owners not responding within 72 hours

I just accepted a sit and withdrew my application for another. The first HO scheduled a video chat hours before the second HO and both sits were in the same area, a couple of months apart. Both had replied quickly to my application, but one simply moved faster toward offering a sit.

Neither had problems quickly seeing msgs on THS.

I just hopped on to this post as I applied on two sits recently this week and three days have passed since I saw both listings were “reviewing applications” and I’m ready to withdraw. I totally agree with you Crookie - I don’t care to sit around after applying on listings for that long especially with having over 40 excellent reviews and these are both local sits where we’ve agreed to meet up with the homeowners beforehand. I personally love homeowners who hit that “confirm” button without even sending us an email or asking for a video chat or whatever. Those are my kind of people!