Horse sitting in Sarasota, FL

Hello! That was not a “house” sitting typo. My husband and I are new to THS and have 3 horses, 1 donkey, chickens, 3 dogs, 2 barn cats, and 2 house cats. That sounds like a lot, but they are all very low maintenance.

What are the chances that we’ll find house sitters? I have neighbors that can check on the horses, so they just need to be fed each morning and evening.

The good news is that we have a great pool, hot tub, and miles of walking trails in the neighborhood. We also back up to the Myakka River State Forest for more hiking, bird watching, kayaking and alligator sightings. On top of that, we’re 30 minutes from Siesta Key Beach…maybe less if you leave early before the traffic.

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Hello @a.chenard
In answer to your question I’d say you have a great chance. Unfortunately I can’t see your profile even though you’ve attached it as there appears to be a problem, likely my end. However, from what you say it sounds very attractive. While I’ve never looked after nor ridden horses, I’d love the opportunity one day if it was simply a question of feeding them as you say.
I can’t be your sitter as am currently ‘downunder’ until March next year but feel certain you will get applicants. If not, as @Colin would say, I’ll eat my hat!


Hi @a.chenard, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the link that you have right now does not work because your listing is not yet live. To make your listing live and complete you’ll need to select some dates and then once it is posted that URL is what you would use here in your forum profile. Your listing looks great BTW the only suggestion/question I have about it is, you say the sitters would have a car they could use but then you’ve put both “Sitter needs a car” and “car available.” So you may want to decide if you haven’t already if the sitter can use the car or not and then edit the listing to reflect that.

Thanks for the feedback. We don’t know the exact dates yet but should soon.
I have a car they can use, so I just need to find where the car selection is and fix it.

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If you have any troubles please let us know - we’d be happy to help!

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Even better!

We are in MS and have a similar pet situation to you, I have had people stay here three times now and never had an issue getting a sitter! We would jump at this sit in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself for us!

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