House alarm tips for sitters?

I have an alarm (SimpliSafe). I have detailed instructions about using it (in my Welcome Guide and a notecard by the door) and in 10 sitters, no one has had any issues. A few have set it off, but immediately canceled the alarm with their PIN. If they don’t enter PIN within 30 seconds, and the alarm company can’t reach me, the police will be dispatched.

But what if someone wasn’t able to cancel it in time and the police arrived? Any suggestions for what to advise sitters to handle that situation? My current advice is to try to call me to cancel the alarm (though I’m often out of cell range), and if the police were to stil show up for them to show this app/website showing their profile, my profile, the scheduled sit, and our chat log to prove they are supposed to be there. (I do not have a landline, so the alarm company calls my cell)


@ColumbusCat I would suggest you notify your alarm company when you have sitters on site and provide their names and contact information. I am an alarm contact for a friend’s system and if I trip it accidentally (which I haven’t so far) I am shown as an approved person/contact. It takes a little time to set up but may save some headaches for everyone.