House insurance

Hi i have taken out the premium membership and i was chatting to a friend who happens to work in insurance. And she said you know you have to let your home insurance provider know if someone else is living in your house? I thought the premium cover covered insurance and do i need to let my home insurance know - i know probably doesn’t hurt to tell them just dont want it changing my premiums or anything like that? Thoughts/advice please. Thanks in advance Louise

Hello @Loulabell0 and I think from memory you are in the UK? I know that insurance is complicated, with terms and conditions varying between policies and also depending on where you are based when in relation to existing contracts.

Because we know so much depends on other factors unknown to us here within the mod team, we
always advise that members contact membership services to discuss their particular situation - they can be reached most easily at THS have a team dedicated to helping with insurance queries and claims, who have access to the applicable information and advice that you will need.

This might not seem very helpful, but we’d hate to provide the wrong information here that might invalidate a later claim.

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All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

Thank you that’s great I will contact them have plenty of time as sit not happening until February.

Many thanks