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THANK YOU for your responses, I don’t think I conveyed my issue very clearly :woozy_face: this is more about the fact that I had to rush to get my app in before 5 other people. The HO has only 5 apps to review which is meant to speed up the process and make it easier for the HO and yet they still can’t respond in a timely manner!
I’ve moved on but very frustrating …

I applied for a sit 9 days ago, when it had 3 applications. It very quickly moved to ‘reviewing applications’ so I just managed to scrape in under the 5 apps rule. My application has been read, but 9 days on, I’ve had no response and the post is still ‘reviewing applications’
Has anybody else come across this? Feels like I had to get my app in really quickly before it was closed to more apps, but the HO is under no pressure to respond to me :pensive:

Well, you could try rescinding the application and, if possible, re-submitting–re-stating your interest and your need to make decisions and plan travel etc. (and have applied for other sits) by X date. In some cases, they assume that they have the luxury of picking and choosing at their leisure. Others may be waiting to hear back from another sitter they’ve spoken to, and see you as backup.


Yes it does happen to many of us @Dawnie. Just keep applying for sits with similar dates if they take your fancy instead of worrying about just one sit and unresponsive owners.


This. Sounds like the HOs know they have the advantage (supply/demand). They can take their time reviewing apps. At least they didn’t reject you yet. But yeah, don’t let this hold you up from applying to other sits.

Now, if you’re really keen on this sit, you can consider being more proactive:

  1. In your forum profile, link to your sitter profile.
  1. Ask people on the forums to help you improve your profile even more. And maybe you can link to the listing you applied for. (that might get redacted)

  2. You can still message the HOs that you applied to. So you could try stuff from “just checking in” to “I updated my profile and I want to reiterate how much I would love to sit for your pets” to “if there’s anything I can do to improve my odds of getting this sit” to “if you have any questions for me,” etc.

Have fun!

Do they, though? They might just find that the applicants moved on.

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Send a follow up message to the HO asking if they are interested in your application. If no reply in 24 hours, move on as they are not interested in you.


Reading all these posts about delayed / non-communication, I can see why it might be sitting at ‘Reviewing Applications’ for a while! It seems HO’s receive 5 applications very quickly. They might then choose to engage with their top 2 applicants to invite them for a video call. Then there’s radio silence for several days! So everyone is waiting on everyone…

Personally I take a very hard stance here. If I don’t hear back very quickly (within 2 days), I assume I’m not one of their ‘top’ choices and honestly, I don’t want them to have to ‘revert’ to me. I retract my application swiftly and move on. In my opinion they lost a great sitter :innocent: but it’s their problem.

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I’m wondering if they even realise that they are ‘paused’. Could it be that they’ve decided not to go with any of the 5 but don’t know that they have to reject them in order to get new ones? Not all HO’s decline apps, they just ignore them if not interested…
I’ve spoken to several HO’s who know nothing about the new system…


An email to all members re the important change would have helped but it was decided against.
Beyond annoyed that I have had at least 6 emails pushing discounts and upgrades to my memberships.
These posts will be moved to the closed Pausing Application thread so hopefully members will be able to read about it there before it is deleted as well.


I suggest a follow up message. We do this all the time if we’ve heard nothing after 2 days, whether our initial message has been read or not. Then, if you still hear nothing, move on.

I wouldn’t rescind the application though, as who knows, the HO may reach out and you might still be available.