House sit cancelled last moment in Amsterdam

Yes, I’ve heard its hard to claim the insurance too… Thank you so much @Twitcher i hope so too.

Has it worked out @ayeletfleming - have you found a replacement sit ?

While the premium would have covered or partially covered accomodations, it would not have covered airfare if you decided to stay home or change your flight. You could check with your airlines. In the US, most carriers will allow changes (not refunds) even with basic fares for a fee. So as some have suggested, if you got a sit elsewhere or changed your flight it might still be less exprensive than several days accomodation.

Thank you for the follow up @Silversitters - I looked at a few options and in the end I decided to go to a hotel. It was too stressful to look for last minute options. Also, from what I’ve seen, it would have cost me about the same to fly somewhere else in short notice and come back to Amsterdam (as I have other sits booked), or to stay put. Funny, but after I booked the hotel, one person got back to me from a potential sit in Germany, but I already booked everything.

@Silversitters What a great idea about having a section where sitters can post about late availability!