House sitting my animals

Hi there I’m new to house sitting
I live in the Torres Strait’s on Badu Island

I have 2 children plus extended family from my partner’s previous relationship
We have 1 pony 2 dogs and chickens it’s so hard to go on holidays for us as a family as our pets can’t be left alone.
We looking for friendly outgoing and open minded people or families to help us achieve this by babysitting our big fur babies :slightly_smiling_face:
We live very remote and have our very own beach with a cabin and a working kit running water .
Our family camp is filled with love and so much hard work which your see from our fruit trees and beautiful keep space

I came on here to hopefully find the perfect match

Once you’ve been to our home your keep coming back :pray:t4::heart: :dog::racehorse::horse::hatched_chick::chicken:

Hi @Uk2baduisland. Welcome to our community. I’m glad you’ve joined us here in the forum.

I see you haven’t become a member of TrustedHousesitters yet. Do you have any questions about membership? Once you become a member our friendly community members will be able to provide you feedback on your listing, giving you a great chance at finding that perfect sitter for your furry family members. Until then feel free to look around the forum and join any conversations that are of interest.

Thanks for joining us.

Hello @Uk2baduisland and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached a video for you that you should find helpful which will explain how everything works and I have attached a link regarding the various memberships.

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush: