House sitting with my kitten

Hi, I just joined THS hoping to travel a little more, but the idea of leaving Moka behind makes me sad. She’s a 1 yo Devon rex cat and she’s the sweetest.
I wonder if any of you have experience with house sitting bringing your own pet with you (experiences with a cat would be great)?

We’re based in the UK and she’s very good at travelling, and as far as I’m there with her she’s happy.


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This topic has been discussed a lot on the forum and if you search with the spyglass in the upper right corner, you will find lots of info. There are people who do sit with their own animals, but generally speaking, this will limit your options quite a bit. Understandably, many people are not comfortable with the idea of bringing a new animal into the house for an extended period.

From what I have seen, the vast majority of listings do not even mention whether something like this would be okay or not–I don’t think people traveling with their own animals is particularly common so probably something the homeowner doesn’t even think address when creating theirs. This means you will probably end up applying to a lot of listings only to be told it won’t be. Someone like yourself will usually need to apply to a lot more listings to find suitable sits. As long as you are okay with that, you’ll probably find some.

You mentioned that your cat travels well but that you also just joined THS–if you haven’t been housesitting already, does your cat have actual experience living with other animals for an extended period? If not, it is important you be honest about that when contacting homeowners.


Heyy thanks for your reply, super useful!

I totally understand owners’ concern as I would have the exact same ones. With Moka I don’t have experiences living with other animals and was more thinking about having her living in a more confined space where other animals might not be typically allowed for a short period of time.

Saying it out loud sounds stupid though, as owners understandably wouldn’t want their pets to not be allowed in a specific part of the house so that Moka can be there.

Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

With my cats, it wouldn’t work. They did accept a new housemate – an elderly flamepoint male – sort of, eventually. A new cat would throw them into a tizzy for weeks. Maybe if the HO had a cat-friendly dog?


I don’t think it’s a definite no-go. A HO friend of mine allows sitters to bring a cat to their home, which has 2 dogs. I think you’ll have the best luck with a) dog only/outside animal households b) places where HO gets fewer applicants, so have to be more accepting.


@Ilaria have you thought of being a combined member- you travel while another THS sitter lovingly looks after your home and kitten ?

Many members do this and it works well as they get the freedom to travel knowing their pets are being well cared for at home.