House swapping on THS?

There is a posting in the west coast of the US seeking a house/pet swap in a specific area. I have never seen anyone trying to swap on THS before. It looks like only people with a house to offer in a specific area for specific dates would be welcomed to apply. I doubt that they will be successful in finding someone through this platform, but is swapping even allowed?

Hi @Southernsitter can you please pinpoint the listing (location and heading) and I will get Membership Services to look into it.

Thank you!

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I have seen this several times over the years. Usually with a houseswap you still need to find a place for your pets (which I have done before). I think it is a great idea, if you both have pets and can find some one that can make it work.

I personally don’t see any problem. Think of it as both of them are homeowners and they need someone to care for their pets. Both are homeowners and sitters. Again since I am a nomad I don’t have a home to swap, so this is a sit that does not work for me. All sits are not for everyone.


They changed the listing to no longer mention a “house swap”, so it is fine now. We will be watching the super bowl, but since the Saints lost in the play offs, we have less interest in the game.

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I saw that as too but (am i wrong ?) this owner was previously a sitter?
It is not that strange as among house swappers it’s not always easy to swap pets if the other house swapper has no pet .
House swappers feel stuck if they have to walk a dog twice a day. Often they refuse to take that responsibility.
This is how I became a house sitter. Once I find a sit I look for sitters for my own pets
So it sounds a great idea to find a sitter who would like to come to the owner’s place and has a home where the owner would like to spend his/her holidays too

As we would like to go to California again and to Oregon I applied for 2 THS sits telling the owners if they wanted to come to France we could welcome them in our home. I sent a link to my home swaps website with videos on our home.
One declined, the other never answered it was before the Covid


That is good to know. I may want to try house swapping some time after Covid clears, but thought that I would have to do that through another platform.


It’s of course more efficient to use house swap platforms . if you don’t own any pets, it works very well. We’ve done more than 40 swaps since 1988

it becomes more difficult if you own dogs Cats are usually ok except when house swappers have allergies…


Thank you … enjoy the game even though your team are out. It’s 6 Nations Rugby here in the UK …



It’s rugby too in France, my husband is stuck in front of tv !!

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I’m about to @Provence England & Scotland, who do I support? Enjoy your weekend too


Thinking about this more, overnight, there are many sites that offer house swaps, but the problem is it doesn’t cover the animals. But with that said I don’t think is appropriate on TH.

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House swaps websites such as Intervac-homeexchange or Homelink have filters few members think to use : the swapper can precise he has pets or he does not want pets in his home.

So when you make a research (country/town/type of home/duration etc.) you know immediately if you can bring your pet or not ! If you have a cat or a dog to look after.

All these websites allow you to try for free during a week or so. Like that you can already see if you may find a swap in NYC, LA or PARIS. They will ask you to pay to be able to communicate with the swapper. But before it gives you a good idea or how many opportunities you find (many for some towns/regions/countries)
Of course with the Covid proposals are more in your own country…
But all web sites are full of photos of the places, less photos of pets (main difference with THS !)

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I would be except I support England, however the best team won @Provence

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Hi @Southernsitter @worldtraveler and all members on this thread, it would be good to understand whether house swapping is something that is of interest? What are everybody’s thoughts on Trusted Housesitters making house swapping available i.e. a way to find a house swap opportunity?

How would you expect it to work?

  • Direct simultaneous swap (you go to a member’s place, they come to yours at the same time)
  • Direct non-simultaneous swap (you go a member’s place in June, they come to your place in December)
  • Flexible swap without a direct match (you go to a member’s place while they are going to another member’s place)
  • Leave pet(s) at home and swap homes
  • Bring own pet(s) with you when swapping homes

I made around 40 swaps since 1988, simultaneous or not simultaneous, short or long, (from a week end up to a month) hospitality ones too .

When I swap, I do behave in one’s home as I hope (s)he behaves in mine, we meet, there is reciprocity : I welcome the person who will welcome me (at the same period or not)

The system of flexible swaps (you welcome somebody in your home, it gives you points which allow you to go somewhere else, where you “loose” points) is totally different

Many members of house swaps organizations don’t want to take this huge responsability or they are afraid to be stuck in the swapper’s home because the dog does not stand to be alone more than 3 hours… and they prefer to be free to do tourism all day ! May be to spend a night away

Swaps of homes between owners who have pets is a nice idea, between owners who have pets and sitters who have none (or not anymore) too. THS members love pets.

The only house swappers who accepted to look after our dogs and cat were dogs or cats owners themselves… This is why I need pet sitters !

But all full time sitters, who generally have no more home, will be unable to swap…

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Hi Ben, I believe that THS mission is not house swapping. If they do allow it, I think it should have its own section, they should not be mixed in with the typical sit listings - that could become very confusing and worse yet frustrating.

There are so many house swap websites I feel they do not need to include them on THS. My guess on how it would work, should be leave pets at home and swap homes - the easiest to make work.

Again I don’t believe House swapping is part of THS mission but if they did add them they should not be included with the standard housesits. That’s my two cents.

Thanks @Ben-Product for asking.


Hi WorldTraveler, I agree that this is not the platform for house swapping. I join THS so I could take care of others pets while they were out of town. I do not own a home, so house swapping would not be applicable to me.


Hi @Ben-Product - house swapping is a great concept and one that the THS product team could look into its feasibility. I agree with @worldtraveler it should be an offering away from THS platform.


Reading answers (and fears) I realize how many differences there are between occasionnal sitters and full time ones.

I don’t think THS needs to build a specific section for swapping but as an owner can already precise he is " family friendly" (and soon “pet friendly” if our suggestions to Ben are followed), it could be a useful information to know that owners are ready to exchange (and sitters too of course).

This does not mean an owner will select only swappers sitters.

Some sitters are afraid their home will never please to any owner? I know by expérience réciprocity is not a question of size of flat or house. But reciprocity of desires.

I swapped my rather big home for a small flat in Brussels because i wanted to visit that town. A californian family swapped their huge home Ă· pool and spa in Carmel with our tiny flat in Paris when we lived there

Problem with swapping web sites: few members own animals

With THS all members love them.

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