House swapping on THS?

Adding house swapping options might be a value for some of our members. I am a sitter who owns a home who does not have pets currently and does not use the homeowner services when I travel at this time. THS already has sections to “find a sitter” and “find a house sit”. It might be feasible to add a section to “find a house swap”. The postings for house swaps would be separate from the sitting posting. I have never swapped before, but may feel more comfortable trying swapping through a platform that I am already familiar with and would not have to get yet another membership to use. For those who don’t want to swap or don’t have houses, they would just ignore that section of the platform. Just because some members would or could not use this service, does not mean that it should not be explored to help THS remain a profitable company and continue to exist. Companies evolve. Amazon started off as on online bookseller.


Another one has popped up

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Listing has been amended @RunnerC there is no mention of swapping on the listing. Thank you for the heads up.

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