How are we advertised as home owners?

I posted some dates a couple of weeks ago and immediately had four applications. Sadly they didn’t work out for various reasons. They couldn’t cover the whole period, wanted petrol money , one couldn’t get a visa in time , the other one had children. My cat is scared of them.
My last sitter in April/May was lovely and I had quite a lot of interest then.
This time it’s gone very quiet. Is there a system when you start at the front of the queue then get moved back ? Are we advertised according to the nearest date. I’ve invited a few people but not all of them have read my invite. Im panicking a bit now as we are going away on June 11th.


Hi @Columbocat1 , if you add your listing to your forum profile not only will you get this question answered, you will reach more potential sitters and be able receive additional helpful feedback. This is how to do that:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

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@Columbocat1 It is lovely to hear that you had a great sitter previously :grin:

I hope this helps answer your question. All listings with new dates are published as 'new ’ listings and appear at the top of the search pages, they then move down the page as further ‘new’ listings are published. Once you have received 5 applications and your listing is in ‘review’ you can decline any that are not suitable and unpause your listings and it will again appear as ‘new’.

I can see that your dates have now been filled, which is great! :smiling_face:

As @mars mentioned, please feel free to add your listing link to your forum profile for future feedback or for when you post again. I can do it for you if that helps!

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