How do I add more than one local attraction to Welcome Guide

Hi Everyone
I’m updating my Welcome Guide and would like to add some local attractions, unfortunately the system is only allowing me to add one. There are loads of great things to do in the area and I’d like to let my sitters know what’s available.
Is there anyone who can let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @LizH It should be possible, to add many attractions … if you go the Neighbourhood section, as you put in one and save it, the next one will appear. As far as I know there is no limit. The App is a little more restrictive doing this, so I would always suggest you do this on the laptop (website). Hope this helps. Kind regards Therese

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If you can’t load, just make up a list and give to sitter when they arrive. It’s easy for them to look at that way as well when trying to locate the attraction in town.

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Hi @long1016 and @Therese-Moderator, sorry for not responding sooner, work got madly busy. I’ve now returned to my welcome guide and it’s letting me add loads of attractions. @long1016 I do have a folder that has all the local attractions in :slight_smile: