How do I address damage caused by a housesitter?

Hi, I’ve used THS in the past and had a great experience with our sitters, then we lost our cat and cancelled our membership.

We booked a last minute holiday and signed up again as we have a rescue cat now. We met our sitters and they were lovely and had loads of 5* reviews.

On our return we found a huge pool of water on top of some drawers where they had watered a plant. They’d either seriously overwatered it or done it quickly. It was late, so I just mopped up the water and tipped loads out of the pot as it was swimming.

The next day, we realised that the water had marked the top of the drawers. It took 6 attempts to remove the water mark. We then realised that the water had dripped down the front of the drawers and the front of the bottom drawer had soaked up the water and blown it, so it sticks out. We’ve been in touch with the manufacturer to see if we can have a new drawer front and an assessor came out yesterday and we waiting for a response. To replace the entire drawers which aren’t even a year old will cost us £500, so we are hoping for a replacement drawer front.

This was bad enough until at the weekend we found that the plastic sheet stuck to the underside of the worktop above the dishwasher has been ripped off. This means that the steam that comes out of the dishwasher is now going straight into the underside of the worktop. I’ve asked the HS if they know anything about it, but they haven’t replied. This is a brand new house where only 2 adults have lived in it for 15 months and we are at a loss as to how someone could do this and we aren’t sure how to repair it apart from taking apart the kitchen to put a new sheet on the underside of the worktop before this blows from moisture.

They did a great job at looking after our cat, but do feel that the final tidy up before we came home was rushed (it was a Saturday) - clumping cat litter put back into a damp cat litter tray causing it to clump. missing salt grinder lid, burnt spatula, bleach glugged on 2 toilet seats (were they clean?) and the bath was all scummy, plus they left lots of their own items behind which they came back for.

All in all, its not been the best experience and I’m really unsure how to handle it. Any advice would be really appreciated - thanks in advance

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Hi @debstheloe welcome to the forum however I’m sorry to hear your recent experience is the reason for your first post. I am going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who will contact you directly via email to help and advise …

Thank you for balancing your post with explaining that you’ve had great experiences with past sitters, we are happy to have you and your new rescue kitty back in the community.

I’m going to close this topic now as this is a matter for Membership Services who will help and support.

If you need any further help or support please don’t hesitate to Direct Message me.

Angela and the team

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