How do I print a succinct welcome packet

How do I format the welcome packet so that when it is printed it is not 40 pages long.

The problem is, I don’t think you can, or if you can, it’s not easy; requires a lot of cutting and pasting, I think. I’ve heard of some others who have done it, so I’m hoping they’ll give us their tips.

I couldn’t. I think the THS Welcome Guide format is horrible. So, my welcome guide is in Word and is 3 pages. I modify it with each sit so it includes where I’ll be and who my emergency contacts are for that sit, as they change from time to time. I send it to sitters right after confirming, but, if requested I’d send it for their review before deciding. Though, in that case I would removed address, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. and, I leave a hard copy at the house for them.

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The only way I can see is if you have the paid Adobe subscription or possibly Apple includes software that allows changes in PDFs. However, if you then went back to make changes or edits in the document on your THS account, you’d have to redo the changes.

Many HOs have found it easier to print their own guides with all the relevant information. I think the Welcome Guide as it exists offers a guide to writing your own guide, a reminder that stuff like where the circuit breaker box is needs to be included.

I write my own guide as a sharable google doc, so I can make changes and updates. I actually have 2 guides. One is for the home and also includes a lot of neighborhood tips. There are very few “responsibilites” other than the pet related one, and anything urgent that sitters need to know, eg: “make sure window screens are on track when you open windows” so that stuff is up front. The other is all about the pet care. I also have videos. I sit as well, and on a recent sit where there was no in person handoff, the HO did home and garden tour videos that were VERY useful.

As a sitter I ask House owners to send it to me by email. Far to clunky to print out and waste of paper. Easy to refer to by phone etc.

As both a sitter and a host I find the manual clunky. I would love to print it but it is too long. Failing that I would like to download it to the notes app on my phone so I can see it with one click. I wonder if we can take screen shots of key sections. Has anyone done that?

I take screenshots of the WG if hosts share in that format, so I’ll have access even when offline and so I’ll have the version they sent me, rather than any updates they might make after the fact. I just do it on my iPad the standard way you’d screen grab. I don’t see need to figure out a different way.

I don’t need a printout, because I can highlight or annotate a screen grab if I need to, though I’ve never needed that.

If a guide or other guidance is too dense or disorganized, I make myself a daily checklist. If the HOs say inconsistent things, I ask them to review my list. That helps avoid miscommunication or gaps.

Exactly what I’ve done.

I made my own WG with Apple pages and PDF it to be sent to the sitters and printed. It’s become quite long and 3 pages wouldn’t even cover the most basic informations about the pets, the house, emergencies and where to find what, from inside the house to restaurants, shopping and sightseeing.
I find the THS WG horrible and I don’t use it at all.

There’s no easy way (or any way really) to use the guide outside of the website/app. The sitter also loses access once the sit is over which may seem like a good idea until you need to extend the sit and the sitter loses access to what could be essential information like emergency contacts.
Since you have already filled the guide out I suggest you copy the information to a word document (or similar) and send that to the sitter and print out a copy for the home.
If you haven’t filled it out and don’t want to duplicate effort use the sections in the guide as a framework or prompt as to what to include and just create your own word doc. Put a note in the welcome guide that you have a printable guide available by email for this sitters and don’t forget to send a copy when they accept the sit.

Hi @Licoricemom ,
I’m a sitter and also find the TH house guide clunky, but as a sitter I still want the digital version minimally completed so I can access it by my phone. I often screen shot the important things like vet & wifi for easy access.

But many of my HO’s have either: send me a detailed email House Guide (their own prepared one in a word doc format) or they have a binder or printed document in their home already with all the information that just lives there for the sitter.
And, as someone else mentioned, they update their travel info or pertinent things according to the sit, but for the most part, it’s complete.

So I would suggest, instead of try to print the TH one, just write your own. Have both always for the sitter. Once you write you own, you won’t have to do it again, but as a Sitter, I would say it’s definitely worth the time/energy. I always appreciate an HO who is doubly prepared for me and wants me to have all the information (pet and house) that I need. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for caring enough to print it out in the first place!!

Yes. Easy to screenshot relevant sections