How do you clean a toilet without a toilet brush?

We just completed a sit in a very nice house with 4 toilets & not one toilet brush that we could find. All the toilets were clean when we arrived but they do have a weekly cleaner!

How do you clean a toilet without a toilet brush to ensure you get leVe it sparkling clean? This is a serious question!

Also, would you ask the home owner “where do you keep your toilet brush?”. Again, a serious question?


Maybe just buy one? They’re like $5 from the grocery store… that’s what I would do!


@Crookie - perhaps it’s a cultural thing but we are in the UK and we don’t own a toilet brush. Personally I think they are unhygienic. We do have clean toilets and that is achieved with Cif, bleach and ‘Marigolds’. Some may be familiar with this brand of rubber gloves :wink:


@Twitcher I agree with you! Sparkling clean toilets can be achieved with rubber gloves, a scrubbing sponge, and a cleaning agent (I like Ajax or Comet), then I use microfiber cloths to wash the seat and lid with a spray cleaner.

Here in the US, almost everyone has toilet brushes (some homes have one in each bathroom). We do not have a toilet brush. I guess we are the odd ones.

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Hi @ Twitcher, this is a UK home (we are Australian) so it must be a cultural thing. Although we have done 14 UK sits and this is the first time we have come across no toilet brushes.

There is lots of toilet bleach and happy to use that but sorry, there is no way I’m hand cleaning down inside a toilet, even with gloves on! Eww :face_vomiting:


I’m with you @Crookie.
And I like a toilet brush next to each toilet. I don’t want to schlep it through the house, possibly dripping toilet water.


I remember we had to look for one since the cleaners brought their own brushes, Hoover, supplies etc.
We got this from Poundland

And this from Ikea


I’m from the UK and we have always had toilet brushes. I agree they are not very hygenic, they should be changed regulsrly, and our ones at home are non stick, silicone ones that can be sterilised with boiling water.

I wouldn’t expect my sons (or guests) to don marigolds and grab a cloth and bleach every time they used the toilet and left a smear on the pan. I do expect them to use a toilet brush to give it a quick clean up though!


Don’t ask, they harbour germs so they are bad anyway in some peoples/countries eyes. Get some cleaning solution, and if their are no disposable gloves, just use a freezer bag or sandwich bag to pop your hand in and scrub it with whatever you can find which can be thrown away, or microfibre cloths are great as they can be put in the washing machine.

I would absolutely ask that question. Or just go to the nearest store and buy one.

I too would ask that question! And if they say they don’t have a toilet brush I would ask how they usually clean the toilets? With which products etc. I don’t want to go buying a toilet brush or cleaning agents for a sit unless it was a really long sit- then I’d buy the cheapest available for my own comfort! :joy:


No way in the world is this hand going down a toilet @HappyDeb that is so gross!


Great idea @Lokstar

How to clean a toilet brush.

  1. After cleaning the toilet with bleach and brush and flushing…
  2. Pour bleach into the toilet water.
  3. Leave the toilet brush in the toilet bowl water for 3 hours whilst you’re out perhaps?
  4. Remove toilet brush and replace in its keeper.
  5. Flush

I’d buy one if I couldn’t find one. There’s no way I’m putting my hand into a toilet.

I just stayed at a hotel in London and it had a toilet brush in a canister attached to the wall in the bathroom.

Straying off topic …shortly after the company I worked for relocated to a newly refurbished 19 floor office building it was discovered that all the toilet brushes from all the toilets on all 19 floors had been stolen :woman_shrugging:t2:


Of course they harbour germs. But you can always sit them in bleach. And anyway, what ya gonna do, suck them??


It sounds like to me because they have a cleaner they have never even considered the fact that you need a toilet brush to clean the toilet or toilets as the case may be.

I would just politely say to them where do you keep your toilet brushes as there seems to be none in any of your bathrooms.

I know you have a regular cleaner should I just leave this to the cleaners or do you have any petty cash for insidentials?

You should not have to buy pet parents a toilet brush!! Sounds like they are too rich to have a clue about toilet brushes… must be nice


Bingo!! @Cat_Lover