How exciting! (Salford, UK)

Hello! New to THS and the forum. Really looking forward to going on holiday in May (postponed from 2020…) and leaving my odd collection of pets in safe hands :slight_smile:

I cant be the only HO who gets distracted by looking at sitting opportunities and thinking, “Oooh, I could do that”. I just need to plan the holiday I’ve already got booked, not plan new ones!


Welcome, @Ketch! I like the sound of “odd collection of pets” - do elaborate!

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Ha! I have three (house) rabbits and a small parrot. So maybe not as ‘odd’ as some on here - Ive seen llamas, that would be fun - but makes a change from dogs and cats.

I only planned two rabbits and then a third was somehow squeezed in, and I accidentally acquired the parrot last summer. I’m thoroughly out-numbered in my own home.


Hi @Ketch - Welcome to the group! Yours looks like a great sit.
If I was you I would make it clear in the title that you are looking for single sitters and also elaborate in your listing details on the medication needed. When I read 'medication with no details I always think ‘injection’ and move on!

That is a fun collection! I just did a six week sit looking after a cockatoo, he was so funny and sweet.

@Colin, thank you, good point, I’ll add that. It’s just liquid via syringe (whilst getting a death glare :laughing:) so not too scary. I did have to do daily injections once to one of my previous rabbits - that was Not Fun at all.

@Lindsay, this is my first bird of any kind so I’m learning fast. Definitely very ‘interactive’!!! Currently asleep in the crook of my elbow, making it hard to type. She likes to supervise everywhere I go - trips to the bathroom included. There’s nothing like being eyed up by a parrot from the top of the shower cubicle, clearly thinking “So that’s what you look like without feathers… You might want to rethink that.”

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Hi and Welcome @Ketch :wave:

There’s a definite learning curve with parrots! I have years of poultry experience but this was my first parrot, once we got into a good routine it was smooth sailing. I found a great YouTube channel (Parrot Town TV) so I’d cast that to the TV while I was working and he’d just sit on top of his cage playing with toys and singing along. The sounds of the other happy birds really calmed him down, your girl might enjoy it as well! :parrot:

Thanks @Lindsay, will try that out shortly. I think she’d find that a welcome change from me singing to her. (She does seem to laugh quite a lot, so maybe my singing has it’s good points…) She’s just taking a rest from exploring inside the wardrobe whilst I’m working.

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