How long before THS answer a query?

I sent a query to THS about my listing a few days ago. Does anyone know how long they generally take to reply please?

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You’d be better posting your query on the Forum

I have and was told to message them.

Then it could be a while….I’ve just had a look at your listing and what a fabulous menagerie you have. I’d love to look after some donkeys one day. I’ve had 2 sits with alpacas (one in NZ and the other in Kent) and a sit in Shropshire with 43 rare sheep. However, I’m single and I think you’re right to say a couple would be more suited.


Thank you! We have had a single person before, but especially with the two dogs and the rural nature of it I think that a couple would find it it less restrictive and be able to have a bit of down time, and that’s based on how we feel about it as our everyday life. One of the reasons I like to have housesitters is I know i would have enjoyed the opportunity to look after those sorts of animals in a rural area for a couple of weeks.


Hi @Boodie The Membership Services Team respond to messages in the order they are received with priority being given to urgent incoming calls and messages, we do have an exceptionally high number of incoming which may mean a delay in response times.

If you need help with this urgently please Direct Message me with the details meanwhile I will ask one of the team to follow up on this for you @Lucy-MembershipServices or @Therese-Moderator when they are next on line.

Thank you Angela. If I know there is no set time then I can be pleasantly surprised when it happens!

Hi @Boodie

I have taken a look and can see that our Membership Services team responded to your email on Thursday. I am sorry to hear that you haven’t seen this in your inbox and would recommend checking your spam. In the meantime, I shall have the reply forwarded to your email address again.


Thank you. That was my mistake as I thought anything raised came to my TH message box.

However, the reply is simply the standard reply informing me that my listing is paused after 5 applications, which means my message was. not read correctly. My query was about the fact that i had not had any applications yet, and so I could not understand why it said I was reviewing applications. I will reply to the email and hopefully will receive an answer to the question that I asked.

How very frustrating……

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@Boodie I see that your listing is active again now.

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Wonderful! Thank you for noticing before I even did!


Edited to say my listing has now been treated as a new one again. I have no idea what happened to it, but I am happy it is sorted.