Membership Services Response Times

Anyone else having trouble getting questions answered when emailing membership services? I’ve sent two queries this week and haven’t received a response, whereas I used to get a response within 24hrs?

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Hi @claresitsdogs Membership Services are dealing with unusually high volumes of incoming messages which is causing a delay in response times. All inquiries are responded to in the order received. Any urgent matters are given priority.

Thank you for your patience.


I always used the “live chat” years ago and had immediate response but have also emailed a few months back and didn’t receive a response. I almost feel like asking a question on this forum is the way to go now. Can THS answer this - is posing a question on this forum the best way to have it answered rather than emailing?

Thank you Angela.

Hi, I raised a query on the forum and as the topic was shut down (after several temporary suspensions) I emailed my query to support as requested. It took a week to get a response.

In the meantime I started a topic called Membership Services because that was the main point of my concern, but that got merged into another topic very quickly.

Surely it is more time consuming for ‘Membership Services’ to answer queries individually when quite often concerns raised by members can be pretty general and dealt with on the forum. Just my personal opinion.


Hi, as Angela mentioned our Membership Services team are dealing with high volumes at the moment. That said, contacting them for membership related issues is still the right route. But for more general membership discussions, the forum is the perfect place.

I’m pleased to say that we will soon be reinstating our 24/7 membership services support and response times will be back to normal.

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What is an expected/appropriate timeframe to get a response/resolve from an email query sent to the Membership Services Team?

It has been a week since I emailed a query, and apart from an automatic response I have received no further contact.

Do the Membership Services Team have a standard/minimum response time for replying to email queries? How long am I expected to wait?

Thanks in advance for clarification on this.

Hi Sharon. I have moved your query here to this similar topic that came up last night where you’ll see Paul’s full response above…

Messages are dealt with in order of receipt, however, having checked with Therese your query is being dealt with this morning so you may have already received a response from her. Thank you for your patience and understanding. All the best, Vanessa

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Membership Services have been using the excuse that" they are dealing with high volumes at the moment" for years, even before Covid.

It is apparent that it is a problem and negative reviews on Trustpilot reinforce this.
Can you not use the multi-million investment to recruit a good standard of staff?


I sent a request to support/membershipservice to delete my documents at Evident (as adviced by CEO Mathew Prior) on 23rd February. I received an e-mail that they will do so accordingly on March, 3rd. They will also come back to me once this is done.

all’s well that ends well


It’s been taking longer than 24 hrs to get a response all the time I’ve been a member (since 2018) and every time the same message comes up stating they’re receiving an unprecedented amount of emails……Customer service should be a top priority and is something I’ve complained about all along, to no avail. Since, however, this Community Forum was set up it seems to work for customer service problems because if Angela, Vanessa or Snowbird can’t answer they pass the query to Therese of membership services who seems to deal with the issues. As many people have pointed out, profits seem to be the top priority but it looks like Th will be losing a lot of members so needs to get its priorities sorted and listen to the members



I’m sorry Angela but that has been the message coming up since I joined TH in 2018 and it is completely unacceptable. I appreciate that you have to defend them however and, as I’ve mentioned, you, Vanessa and Snowbird seem to be doing a lot of the work that Customer Service should be doing

Again Paul, it’s high time you sorted out customer services. That message about ‘unusually high volume of queries’ has been the only message I’ve ever received since joining in 2018 and is not acceptable. But I waste my breath……

Thank you Vanessa, I did indeed get a satisfactory response from Therese.


We sincerely apologise for the delay in response times and realise it is very frustrating for members. Thank you all for your patience with a special thanks to those members who have sent encouraging messages and thanks to the team.

Supporting our members with full customer services is a priority, we currently have a Canadian Membership Services Team, based in Montreal being trained by two of our Senior UK team, once their training program is complete and it is a very complex program, they will be live and we will return to a 24/7 service.

Thank you for your comments, we are closing this post.


Hi all, just wondering how long I’d expect to wait for a reply to a query I sent in via the web form? I got the automated reply, but no answer yet. I sent it late Thursday night, so was hoping for a reply by now.

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Hi @Norfolk-whippets - it took a week for Membership Services to respond to my query. I was hoping they would respond before my membership auto-renewed, but no such luck.
Hope all goes well :crossed_fingers: