Issues with inbox and replying

Not sure this is the right category to inquire, so please merge if necessary.

I just received a reply from an HO of a sit I applied for, and when I replied back it didn’t go through. I replied a few times and my reply didn’t show up. When I went to the website and tried it kept defaulting back to a main page snd would not let me reply at all. Out of curiosity I checked all my other inbox messages and didn’t have an issue. It’s bizarre. The HO was interested in me, so I wanted to get back to her. Anyway, I’m wondering if there’s a glitch, or maybe she took down her listing.

@Catgoddess_99 is the HO still an active member - has their THS membership expired ?

Once a membership expires there is no communication possible. Could be an oversight by the HO if they didn’t have their membership on auto-renewal.

That could very well be. When I tried to relook at the listing it just kept scrolling snd scrolling with nothing. So, that’s a strong possibility. It’s odd because I looked at her response message as soon as i received the email notification, so that’s what struck me odd.

Hello @Catgoddess_99 That does sound a bit bizarre! I would reach out to the Membership Services team as they can log in to your inbox and the other members inbox and check everything is as it should be. I hope that helps get things sorted for you :smiling_face: