Support not getting back to me - URGENT


I’ve been a member now of THS since 2017 and I have really struggled to get a hold of support. I managed to chat a few days ago with a real person, who mentioned she’s reach out via email, but I haven’t received any email.
When I try to call the number of THS, during and after business hours I always get the same answer “all our staff is currently busy” and the phone hangs up.
When I try to use Live Chat, I’m referred to a bot that isn’t helpful at all, live chat doesn’t always go through. I’ve send in two emails through the bot, no responds at all yet.

I am looking for help to find a sitter, now basically last minute (first time ever with TH, I have has 16 housesits before, no problem), and I simply must travel, so I am in quite a bind.

I am really disappointed, considering I kept up paying my double membership to support TH despite not being able to do use either the sitter or owner membership because of COVID for over a year. I hope someone will get in contact with me now via this forum, perhaps @Angela-CommunityManager ?

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Hello @micol124 and welcome to the forum, but very sorry to hear you are having a problem with finding a sitter and getting through to support. Angela is on a train at the moment otherwise I know she would be responding to you, but while we try and get to the bottom of this, please bear with us. I’ve already passed this over the membership support to see who’s dealing with your query and I will get back to you soon as I get a response. Best wishes, Vanessa


Thank you. I’ll be waiting!

Thank you @Vanessa-Admin and apologies @micol124 as Vanessa says I’m on a train from Glasgow to London but you are in very good hands.

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Hello again @micol124 You should have received an email from Laura in Membership Services this morning, who has now re-listed your sit to make it more prominent again and who has given some suggestions for trying to get more sitters applying.

We are going through a phase of many more listings appearing, as people all decided to travel at the same time as restrictions eased, so believe this is possibly why you are seeing a difference in applications with your past experiences, but hopefully with Laura’s help you will get your sit filled very soon. Take care, Vanessa

Thank you for getting back to me @Vanessa-Admin and @Angela-CommunityManager and for boosting my post.

I checked spam and folder, I haven’t received any email yet. Maybe there’s an email problem? I do receive TH updates regularly, but none from staff yet.

Leave it with me… I will check this for you.

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@micol124 - It might be worth mentioning your dates and location and maybe a link to your listing , there may be a sitter on this group that can help?


Hi Colin… thanks for your very helpful suggestion, but we are asking for members to keep their listings and requests on the website so that the full range of benefits continue to apply equally to all members. Now that the forum is growing and evolving, we can see that allowing links to last minute sits or sitter profiles can be quite confusing, especially for new or potential members wondering how this process all works - so we have updated the guidelines on the forum user guide. Thanks for your understanding.

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@Colin good idea, but I agree with @Vanessa-Admin things can get confusing. I can say that my sit is in Düsseldorf, Germany and is titled “URGENT”, so if anyone is interested, they can easily find it on the website :blush:


We do not allow listings or profiles on the forum and we always encourage members to go through the site for all arrangements.

Side question - my THS sitter profile is still linked in my Forum profile. Will that will disappearing now?

Hi there… no that’s fine… it’s just links in posts :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kelownagurl, as @Vanessa-Admin says, we do not want the forum to be used as an extension of the website mainly because the best opportunity for success is on the website where ALL member’s are focussed and searching.

We are looking at an option which may help those very urgent sits, 7 days from start date, which will not include links but applicable information to the owner’s needs and available and interested sitters.


I actually agree this is a good idea and have always wondered why people are allowed to advertise themselves or available sits on this forum.

Could an exception be made for very urgent last minute sits - as a community it would be nice to think it was possible to have the opportunity to help each other out of urgent issues?


Hi Colin and thanks for your feedback. The forum has been an evolving project as you can imagine, and we are learning about the different ways that people can make the most of this space. And we are so aware of it’s potential for members to help each other in lots of different ways so we want to encourage this too. A fine balance!! You might have missed Angela’s earlier post (quoted above), but we are talking about how we can best use the forum for urgent sits… so do watch this space :slight_smile:


Sorry, I missed that - you are one step ahead1


Why can’t sites be sorted by date. So, sits starting tomorrow or the day after would appear first… Or with an additional filter : ranking of sites in order of beginning, and not choosing dates.
But, I am not an IT specialist


Hi@Flora will get you an answer … and thank you for the “non IT specialist” feedback.

We had a Housesit cancel on us. We are premium members and are trying to find out where to find the forms I need to send in and how to get reimbursed for our VRBO stays. I tried to call customer service right away. Nobody answering. So we tried chatting and was told that somebody would be in contact in a few days. This was 3 weeks ago. Somebody emailed me days later and gave me general info I already had about sit cancellation insurance. So I emailed back telling them what I needed. A week later I finally get a response. It was telling me the steps I needed to go through for reimbursement for Home and Contents Protection like I was a Homeowner that received damages from a housesitter.??? So I emailed them back right away telling them again exactly what I needed. That was 1 week ago! No response yet!
What gives? Can anybody help me? We love THS. We retired back in March and started travelling. We then started using THS and it has been wonderful! We are finishing up our 11th sit tomorrow.

Hi @tandy67 welcome to our Community Forum and I’m sorry that your first post is related to a Membership Services late response issue. I have forwarded your message directly to the team and Laura is currently looking into this for you.

Unfortunately as you indicate you were sent the incorrect Insurance information. Laura has now picked this up and after reviewing the previous messages will respond to you by email this evening BST time. Once again please accept our sincere apologies.

We love that you love TrustedHousesitters and congratulations on finishing your 11th sit, you must have some wonderful experiences to share, I hope we get to enjoy some of your memorable moments.

Thank you for your patience, for being part of our amazing community and for now being part of our forum membership.

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team