How long to get sitters?

Hello @Rex-tilly and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. There are so many variables to consider to answer your questions. Certainly one is that the rapid increase in homeowner listings worldwide, and not just for THS, has affected the availability of housesitters.

The first way we can increases your chances of being selected is to have you embed your listing into your forum username/profile. Members are excellent at giving constructive feedback. Tweaking your listing may just make all the difference. Here are the instructions for how to add your listing:

How to add your listing to your forum username/profile

One thing you’ve mentioned is that you’ve added lots of detail. Keep in mind there is a Welcome Guide you provide any confirmed sitter. The details in your listing should focus on what a sitter needs to consider to make sure they are a good fit for your needs. I see listings explaining where the pet food is stored, for example. That should go into the Welcome Guide. I’m mentioning this not only for your sake but for the other homeowners who may add too much detail into their listing.

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