How long to wait for confirmation of a sit


We’re new to the site and wondered how long we should wait for a sit to be confirmed or denied? I can’t seem to find any guidance on this. Could this be right up until the sit commences? Would be great to hear others’ experiences. Will we always receive confirmation when a sit is denied?

Thanks for your help!


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It’s really up to you but there are a few people who don’t bother to respond at all and the next you know is that they’re no longer looking for sitters, either because they’ve found a sitter (in which case you should get an automated message saying you’ve been unsuccessful) or they remove the request because they’re not going away. In the main, most houseowners will contact you within a few days of your application. If I was you I would apply for a few sits you like around the same dates. Btw I applied for a sit for October on 16 June and another for October on 6 August, neither of whom have had the decency to reply to me although I can see they’ve both read my personalised application. They’re still advertising. While I’ve since got a sit for those October dates I’m leaving my applications to see if they ever do respond!


Unless it is last minute, I would wait a week. Some people don’t check mail every day, or check who has applied - it may be a thing they do at the weekend, or in the evening. And remember the THS site is world wide so many different time zones.

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Hi @libbyexplores welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum as @Smiley and @Petermac who are both really experienced sitter members say, there is no hard and fast rule.

There is a process for owners to go through as well, they receive applications and may wait a period before responding after which they will contact the sitters who they feel would be right for them and their pets and open communications via the secure account messaging system, set up video calls etc. Once all of this is completed and both parties are 100% happy with the arrangements and agree, they will confirm the sit.

As Peter says depending on their lead time, last minute and urgent sits will happen far quicker.

I’ve taken a look at your profile and it’s great I would advise adding another couple of references and also some pictures with pets, when surveyed owners always respond with favoring profiles that actively show sitters with pets, after all that is the main reason they come to TrustedHousesitters.

Applying for local and last minute, where possible, is the best way to get started, where have you been applying for sits and are you looking for city or country?

Feel free to ask your questions here, we do have an incredibly helpful and supportive community … welcome and thank you for being part of it, we cannot wait to share in your journey.

Angela & the Team


Hi @libbyexplores - Welcome to the group.
Don’t presume a sit will be confirmed until it is confirmed. - It is not uncommon to never get a response at all. Don’t be disheartened when this happens.
Whilst you are waiting keep applying for all sits that you are interested in. If / when you do get accepted just let any clashing applications know that you are no longer available.
Good Luck


This is REALLY good to know. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and for all the detail. This makes sense and will help us navigate the platform!


Thanks, that all makes sense :+1:


Thanks so much Angela.
We’re looking in London at the moment but will be looking elsewhere in Europe over the next months. Will keep a look out for those last minute ones. That’s great advice, we’ll do that.

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Thanks Colin, great advice, we weren’t sure if we could try for clashing dates :+1:

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I recently had a HO request a video chat with us. I responded with a day that worked for both of us, then she went quiet. I saw she read my response. I sent a follow up note. Well, the day came and went with no response and no video chat. Then I got the system note that someone else was selected.

I understand as it would’ve been an international sit, but I would’ve appreciated a note that we didn’t need a video chat as she had directly reached out to us. I spent quite a bit of time researching the area, flights, etc. in preparation for the video call.

I applied for another sit a week ago that hasn’t even been read yet.

So, I just keep watching and applying as the successful connections make it all worth it!


Sorry to hear you had that experience @JMP_Loves_Paws , really good for us to know what to expect. Thanks!

I’m glad to say we have our first sit arranged for next week, in London, where we had been looking. A new sit came up and our application was accepted immediately without any ‘sit’ reviews. Really looking forward to it. It’s a night short one to get us into the swing of it. Wish us luck!


Good luck, it 's just the begining

Congratulations @libbyexplores that’s brilliant news … please come back and tell us how it went …

Congratulations on your first sit @libbyexplores !

congratulations @libbyexplores and good luck with your first sit. Taking short sits is a great way to quickly get some reviews under your belt which will give future home hosts the confidence to accept you.

In June 2018 I applied for a sit for the Christmas holiday. The HO got back to me in August and we arranged the sit within about a week.

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