Time before a sit is confirmed

Hello, I’ve just signed up to TH, as a sitter, and immediately had one HO ask if I was available for a sit in September. Unfortunately I wasn’t, as it looked perfect, and replied to that effect immediately. I had another request later that day - again I replied immediately to decline. However, on the other side, I’ve contacted a HO about a sit I’m interested in and didn’t have a response for a couple of days and then when I heard back it was to say they were going through their applications and would get back to me soon. Just wondered how long you normally have to wait for a decision? Don’t want to keep hanging on for ages if there are other suitable sits out there waiting. thank you.

Don’t wait for a reply! Keep on applying for any sit you are interested in until you get a match that works for you. Everyone works at different speeds and until you actually confirm a sit you don’t owe anyone anything! Welcome to the world of housesitting!


I agree with @Lokstar, don’t be afraid to apply for multiple sits with coinciding dates as restricting yourself to a single application will mean more likelihood of not filling the dates you want.

We usually withdraw our application if there’s no response within a couple of days. Communication is everything in housesitting and if a pet parent can’t be bothered to read and respond to applications after listing a sit, they probably won’t be the best people to deal with during a sit. Furthermore, there’s a good likelihood that PPs who don’t respond promptly are waiting until they receive the maximum of 5 applicants, which suggests they’re not feeling it about those applications already received. We’d rather pass, in that case…


Don’t “hang on” waiting. Continue looking for sits.

When you’ve accepted a sit, you can either contact everyone you’ve applied to and let them know that you’re no longer available (which is what I do), or you can let them know you’re no longer available when they respond back to you (if they respond).

You can also do the same if you’ve applied for a sit, then decide, for whatever reason, don’t want to do it (or can’t do it). Just like homeowners, you’re allowed to change your mind.


It does work the other way too, we had a sitter apply, we agreed to meet….eventually. We met and as it’s only 5 days, agreed she would be okay to sit. After accepting her application I waited 2 days before having to remind her to accept the sit.


@Elsa1 It’s not necessarily that the sitter isn’t interested, is looking for better options or is poorly organised. When sitters are doing dovetailed sits, it often means waiting for more than one pet parent to send sit offers, so that several in the ‘chain’ can be accepted.

Possibly, although she said she’d forgotten.

@Elsa1 that’s not so good!

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Keep applying. Usually, when there is a listing, and homeowners have replied that they are processing the applications, that means they are processing the applications and will probably make a decision soon. The best way to reply to that kind of notification is to make sure they know how to reach you off-site, and express your willingness to meet for a video chat as soon as they’d like.

If you get offered a sit that you want while you are still waiting to hear back from someone else, you’ll have to decide whether or not to accept it. You can be honest with a homeowner that you are waiting to hear back about another sit, but they might look to another a sitter who is ready to confirm. Or you can decide to take the sit that is ready to confirm and let the other homeowner know you made that decision.

But we’ve agreed for her to cat sit. It’s 4 nights and I’ve fabulous neighbours who’ll step in if ness. :crossed_fingers: it all goes well.

@hfg Your experience is typical, I am afraid. This sort of Owner behavior was the single most frustrating part of getting started on THS, for me.

Just because you have applied to a Sit, does NOT mean that you have any obligation at this point. Continue to apply to other Sits. It took me awhile to learn this. Some Owners are really rude and do not get back to applicants in a timely manner. Some never reply!! The Sit dates come and go, and I don’t hear anything. Ridiculous.

I would much rather Sit for Owners who are prompt, responsive, and kind. Once you have more experience, you won’t waste any time/emotion with the slow responders.