How many applicants should I review before choosing one?

If you have significant time till your sit and can afford to wait, it can be worth waiting to see what quality applicants you get, as well as how many. You might be able to get better sitters and you might be able to learn from demand (or lack of it) for your sit, for future reference.

Sits have differing variables and what kind of demand you’ll get will differ because of that. For instance, homes in popular locations tend to get plenty of applicants. If you have a beautiful home with a bunch amenities, that tends to help. The more complicated the sit, the fewer the applicants there will tend to be. The more similar your sit to others’ and the more they overlap time wise, the more you’ll have to compete. If you’re in a rural location and a sitter needs a car, it might be more challenging. And so on.

It also helps as you amass reviews from sitters who write nice things about you, your home and location, your pets, etc.

Every sit will attract certain sitters more than others. You can’t control things like your home’s location, but you can essentially “market” your sit well or not. Like how robustly you share info about nearby amenities and sights or such. Or specifics about your pets and your requests. Or the photos you share. Or even the headline you write.

Take a look at sits similar to yours, especially in the same area — they’re your competition for the best sitters of your cohort.

And in general, take a look at various sit descriptions — some homeowners convey warmth and welcome, as well as thoughtfulness in their sit descriptions. Those sits will tend to draw more applicants, all else equal.

Some sits are a turn-off for some sitters — even when the location, home and pets are good — because some HOs write their listings like they’re hiring help, or have unrealistic expectations and/or have bad or missing reviews. (Unlike the app, the website doesn’t show previous sitters who didn’t review a sit. Some sitters don’t review sits they found problematic.)

If you add the link to your sit in your profile in the forum, usually various folks will offer feedback that can help strengthen your listing. Here’s how to:

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