How much does food play a part of your travels?

I live in a very rural area of Scotland and this means any food delivery options tend be be very traditional.

When I travel I love to use Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats as it gives me so many more choices in other areas. At the age of 42 I was able to try Matcha Mille Crepe cake, and proper milk tea for the first time last year!

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@Jenny, I’ve never been to rural Scotland, but I imagine it’s beautiful, given images I’ve seen and heard.

I’ve lived in many parts of the U.S. and can settle pretty much anywhere nowadays, thanks to telecommuting. My criteria include good food and proximity to a major airport, because I don’t want to be limited traveling wise.

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That’s the trade-off @Maggie8K - it is so beautiful here. There’s a lovely (if slightly hidden!) creative community and lots of good people doing wonderful things. I’ll aim to try and share some more photos of our countryside as the weather improves!

Your criteria are spot on, I think if I ever had the chance to live a more nomadic life, I’d go for something similar! Where was your favourite place to live, and what kind of food did you enjoy there?


Would love to see photos of your world, @Jenny.

I’m increasingly torn by where to live, because I like different areas for combos of different reasons. My greedy ideal would be some kind of mashup.

Telecommuting makes it a tougher choice, because one parameter has been removed. It used to be that my criteria included a concentration of employment choices when I had to work onsite, but now I don’t need to consider that except for maybe potential resale of real estate having proximity to jobs for prospective buyers.

I like to use the Toogoodtogo app when im travelling. For example this week i got a huge bag of bakery for only €5 and will probably last all 2 weeks I’m in Munich!


@mititeika we also like TooGoodToGo. However we mostly use it at home as many of our housesits are quite rural. We have a favourite bakery at home we get a bag from regularly!


Big fan of trying all the local flavors in each country….


I can eat :yum:



Food plays a 0% part in deciding where we housesit or indeed holiday.

With house-sitting, it’s pretty much 75% pet related and with holidays, location is pretty much 100% the main thing.

As you can establish, we are not food conniseurs, we simply eat and enjoy whatever we fancy at the time. :smile:

Looks yummy @Amparo

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