how to cancel a sitting

We cannot continue with our house sit as I have become seriously ill. Can someone tell me how to cancel a sitting. I have communicated about this with our potential house sitter, but she cannot do it. I have to and have no idea how.


@jennifermodigliani if the sit has not yet started then all you have to is ‘uncomfirm’ the sitter on your page. If the sit has already started you need to contact membership services and they will do it for you.
The sitter cannot cancel from their end.
I’m sorry you are so unwell- I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery​:hugs::pray:

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My sit has been confirmed but now cannot go ahead because the HO has been unable to get medical insurance to travel. She can’t see how to unconfirm or cancel and I cannot do it for her. She is not on the forum so I said I would ask for advice on her behalf. Please can you advise what she needs to do.

@Surbitonsue see my message above. If the sit has not started all the host has to do is go to inbox- on the message page with you and ‘unconfirm’ you. This cancels the sit. I am a sitter so not sure exactly how it looks on the host end but it should be very simple.

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Thank you. She has done it now.