How to show only available sitters

My boys are too precious for me to allow someone to cut their sitting teeth on them!

Fair enough @Sam1 as I did read you had had an unsatisfactory outcome with that sitter. All the best in getting an experienced, well reviewed sitter for your cats.

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You bring up an interesting point that has cropped up before and, like other sitters, I’ve given up using the calendar because when I have owners haven’t always looked at it……
It’s occurred to me that I wonder if THS could look into this situation. When sitters have sits confirmed, the dates appear on their dashboard. I wonder if there’s a way for those dates to be made available to owners as they look at potential last minute sitters so they don’t waste time applying to sitters who aren’t available? It would probably be very complicated and take a year to sort out :joy::wink: but would be useful to owners.
@Angela-HeadOfCommunity or @Snowbird can you please suggest this to the appropriate THS staff when they’ve finished their conference perhaps?

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I keep my availability up to date through my laptop, I don’t know if that is any different on the app as I rarely use it. Nevertheless, I still occasionally get invites for dates I’m not available. I don’t mind, because if it’s a sit that looks interesting, it gives me the opportunity to ask owners to keep me in mind for the future.


I don’t know how to either.

@Sallyann Here are the instructions:

Hi @Smiley I most certainly will and just so you and other members know, the team read these conversations on a regular basis, the forum discussions contain invaluable feedback, ideas and suggestions which they use to evaluate, develop and improve our product and member’s success and experience

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Yes I did know that Angela. Thanks

I keep getting invites for dates I’m already booked to sit through THS (confirmed and blocked out on my calendar). Seems strange that my profile would even come up for those dates. Is there a way that can be fixed on the back end so we don’t even show up as an option? It would be like if when I searched for sits for June I got shown sits for September.

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If owners aren’t looking for sitters for a certain time frame, it shows all sitters on the site. Many owners likely don’t know that they can filter by availability (or have realized that a vast majority of sitters don’t use the calendar functionality since it can be clunky).

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I’ve been receiving multiple invites lately and so grateful, yet my availability has changed, and I cannot locate the area on the dashboard to update it. I don’t want to waste people’s time and have been replying with thank you messages and do bookmark my profile for future, yet would like to update my availability. Where do I find it.

Thanks so much

Catgoddess in San Francisco

If you’re using the app it’s under Me > View & edit profile > scroll all the way down to Availability and select View > then select Edit at top right.

If you’re using the web site it’s under Dashboard > scroll down to My Sitter Profile and select Manage availability.

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One more question? When I highlight the dates that confirms when I’m “not available”? As opposed to when I am available. Want to verify? Thanks in advance.

No, you mark your availability. The blank dates mean you are unavailable by default and dates marked with an X mean you are on a THS sit.

For example, here’s my calendar of my unavailable time:

You can see the X’s are when I’m on THS sits.

Here is what it looks like when it’s available:

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This is the area I’m referring to where I’d be unavailable

Correct, so the dates you want to put in are when you are specifically available. The rest of the time is by default unavailable.

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@Catgoddess_99 You may find it helpful to read @Petermac 's comprehensive review of the Sitter AVAILABILITY calendar. By default, the calendar is set to unavailable and you enter the dates you are available, hence the reason he has that word stressed. However, even with your calendar set correctly, you are still likely to get invites from homeowners who don’t first check your calendar. I had an invite today from a homeowner for dates when I’m already on a THS sit, so clearly marked on my calendar. There are various reasons why this happens but sending a polite message declining the invite is likely appreciated by the homeowner.

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Hi @CambridgeAnnie, your listing looks lovely and I’m sure there are sitters out there for you.
As a sitter I have a couple of thoughts…when I read ‘spoilt cats’ in the title I imagine high-maintenance, getting up and down a million times to open doors etc. When actually the opposite is true, as they come and go as they please, whilst also liking fuss and attention which as a sitter I would love to offer. Sitters might pass by without reading further, so how about ‘Low maintenance but soppy cats in rural home 30 mins from coast’
All that info about the cats’ characters and routine would be good to put in the Responsibilities section as well, as I am always disappointed when there’s not much info in there. Even if you feel it’s repeating yourself!
We sit as a family, so we would note that you haven’t listed as family-friendly, but if it was and the dates suited it looks like a great opportunity.

This is an example of the kind of thing I think we need in a Forum FAQ. So we can quickly and easily direct people to great posts like Peter’s.

Thanks Snowbird. It’s been edited.