How to stop pet sitting requests on our Pet Sitters Profilee

Hello, please accept my apologies and ignorance of the full workings of the THS site. Im after info on how to stop house owners requesting us to pet sit. We show No availability but since January have had numerous requests to sit and as my husband and I have all the sits we can manage for this year, we would like to stop house owners spending their time and effort requesting us when there is no chance we can accommodate them . We are pleased to be invited but if Im using the site wrong, I need to address the situation and correct it. . Thanks in anticipation of your help and advice.

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You could put a note on top of your profile - “Sorry, but we’re unable to accept any new sits until ____”
I would expect HO’s to read at least a bit of the profile before inviting a sitter.


I think the above suggestion is really all you can do–putting it right at the beginning. There will be people who just aren’t going to look at the calendar and reach out to anyone who might seem good, hoping they get a hit. I also think there are probably people who don’t even know that there is an availability section, especially if you are looking at a profile on the app, since that section is really far down. I have seen on other sites an option to hide your profile and that could be a good feature to think about.


Thankyou. We have a note at the top of our profile but I just wanted to know is there an official way of doing this.


Cherrybee, that is very interesting as obviously home owners are inviting you without even looking at your profile as you already have a note re lack of availability. It would be helpful in your situation if there was a way to take your profile off line.

The availability is such a nightmare to use. I wish it was more like Rover where you blocked off when you were busy instead of block off when you’re available… If you get a booking in the middle of your available now you have to delete it and create two more open availability slots… complicated complicated complicated!


It is wonderful that you are booked for the year. You may also prepare a generic response that you can just cut and paste to respond when you decline the invitations. The positive thing about them contacting you is that you will now be able to contact them in the future if you have an interest in future sits or even questions about the area. Unless an owner has a current sit posting, there is no way for a sitter to contact them, unless they have had previous communication. I am flattered to be invited on sits and have even gotten future or referral sits from people who like my profile, but their dates did not work.


Thank you for all your in put. I think maybe house owners are just reading the reviews that show first and dont get down to our profile to see we have mentioned we are unavailable.

I agree @Cherrybee
Having received 4 invitations just this morning, it is clear that at least 2 of them had not read our profiles.

You could list your unavailablilty in the profile headline, or even as part of your name if that doesn’t work. It’s inelegant, but might work.

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Yep, if there is any way to have a set up where you can mark your profile as accepting new invitations or not that would actually be great!!

As if you have a lot of reviews you tend to get a lot of invitations for all kinds of places & dates for whatever reason aren’t suitable!!

It’s quite time consuming to keep reading messages, looking @ invites & responding & also takes time for the HO’s to message or invite you when it’s not a sit you would be looking to do!!

Maybe it could be a future feature potentially!?

As in the same way you can’t contact HO’s unless they have sit dates showing as advertised!!

Hi @Fluffball please vote for this feature here (top button)