Pausing or putting "currently unavailable" on profile

Due to changes in our circumstances, my husband and I won’t be available for sits probably until fall. We often get requests from people that like our profile and I feel badly to turn them down. It would be nice to be able to pause or put “currently unavailable” on our profile, so people are sending us requests. I would appreciate others thoughts? I don’t want to delete our membership and have to start over when we do resume pet sitting.

I don’t think that there’s any official way to do that, but what I did when unavailable, was put in capital letters at the top of my profile, not available until (date).


I occasionally see sìtter profiles with a capitalised message at the top. E g. Currently booked till… or Currently looking for sits in … so why not just write. ‘Currently unavailable’

Worth doing, & I have done so on another site but have still had owners ask if I can sit as they haven’t properly read my profile

@sailorgirl Change your profile location to something really remote and you won’t get a single invite. Here is an example - French Southern Territories.

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