How do I Pause Profile?

How do I hide my profile?
I am getting sitter requests- very thoughtful ones for a time I will be out of the country.

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Unlike some sites, THS does not have an option to ‘hide’ your profile. The best you can do is put your current schedule/availability at the very top of your profile where people will hopefully read it. This may cut down on invitations for sits you are unable to do.

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Thanks for your response KC.
What sites allow you to do so?
Perhaps I can make a request for the same on Trusted Housesitters.

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@TidyCat It is great that you are getting invites to sit but agree if you are out of the country during that time then it is not all that helpful.

@KC1102 has made a great suggestion. I saw a profile the other day where the sitters had put in capitals in their title and experience section ‘We are taking a break from sitting until April 2024’, so something like that might work for you.

I have also passed on your suggestion about hiding your profile during breaks from sitting to the product team.

I hope you have an enjoyable time away and feel free to reach out to the forum community anytime.