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Hi, I don’t think there’s an option to hide your profile from searches is there? (I’m a sitter.) Could you please consider that functionality for better privacy control?

Thank you!

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I would also appreciate the opportunity to hide my listing.

My partner is undergoing chemotherapy, and it will go on for several months. We are not looking to book any sits. However, my profile often gets requests. I got 6 sit requests in one calendar month, April 2023.

I enquired with TH HQ about hiding my listing, but it’s not possible.

I have since written a bold statement at the beginning of my profile which says we are not taking bookings.


I agree @DeeKay and @Rambler. I would like the ability to, from time to time, make my profile not visible unless I’ve reached out to a pet parent first. Such as during the last few months of the year when I’ve already locked down my plans.

@Rambler I’m sorry to hear about your partner. I hope the chemotherapy and any other follow-ups are successful, and they fully recover.


@Rambler That’s a good tactic- to headline your profile that you are not available at the moment. I’ve seen others do that, particularly when fully booked, to prevent invitations.
I wish you and your partner all the very best and hope the treatments are successful. Take care! :pray:

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@Rambler , I would like to welcome you to the forum. I echo the other’s sentiments that your partner have an easy time and excellent result from the treatments.

And I want to point out the search feature here. You can enter questions or search terms in the box that opens when clicking on the spyglass icon in the upper right to read past discussions on a subject. This can be very useful.

Many good wishes.

Yes @Rambler echoing best wishes for you and your partner.

I think there are ok workarounds to prevent owner invitations or decline them, but there isn’t an option to hide a profile for privacy and security reasons, which most other sites, even social media sites, do have. I think it should be considered as a feature.