Make Invitation to Sit Feature Optional

Hello THS Staff,
The invitation feature is good but has not worked well for us. Over the last year we’ve had over 20 invitations, but we’ve had to decline all of them. Either the dates or the locations did not fit with our travel plans. Often times we were already booked for another sit and we still got invited. It will be great if this feature is made optional for sitters, so we can turn it off as needed. As of right now we feel bad when we must constantly decline invitations and that adds to house owners’ disappointment when they are eager to find a sitter. Not a good experience for either party.
Please consider making this feature optional, so we as sitters could opt-out of it/turn it off… Thank you!
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Totally agree. Ive had 19 requests since January. Ive taken to putting "We are unavailable note " at the start of our profile. But we are still getting the odd request. Thus would help both pet sitters and home owners alike.

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Wow, that’s a lot. Your suggestion makes good sense.

Great idea. It might also be worth putting your available dates in your profile as I cannot get the system to take my unavailable dates

Yep, that would be really great!! I have just counted & I have had invites from 11 different people in the last six weeks!!

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Yes the same here - still receiving sit requests despite the profile header about no availability.

Also requests for more than two dogs which we do not do as per our profile.

While we wait for this request to be reviewed and possibly implemented we have changed our profile location to a remote small town within our state. We used to get 3+invitations a week, since the change we have not received any new invitations. Although this approach is not ideal, it could be used as a temporary workaround for sitters who are receiving a high number of new invitations and their calendars are already fully booked.