Inviting previous sitters

We are fairly new to THS and really enjoying the wonderful experiences of caring for wonderful pets in lovely locations and beautiful homes. We whole heartedly recommend to friends to do the same.

However, I have one gripe. Occasionally a sit request pops up on my app from someone that I have favourited. I go to apply and spend a good length of time outlining why I’d like to apply and how we might suit the house owners needs. Then within just a few minutes we get declined and I now know that this is down to the owner wishing to agree their previous sitter.

So our hopes get built up and then dashed within minutes. It happened yesterday and when I politely asked the owner if they meant to have declined us so soon, she apologised profusely, said she was new to THS and had not even had a chance to read our application. All she was doing was trying to agree her previous sitter to return. I really appreciated her kind response and she was quite distressed that she had done this.

Surely there is a way of home owners inviting someone without building others hopes? Has anyone else experienced this? Like I say, we are loving how well THS has been going for us. It’s just this one glitch that seems a little odd.

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There is, but a new home owner might not know/have seen it.

I have a holiday planned for August 2024: I sent a private invitation to a previous sitter because I wanted to give her first refusal. She declined, so I then posted the dates publicly to anyone interested.


Hi @Veecey

You will find the information you are looking for here