Being Invited Back

We’ve just been invited back via a WhatsApp to a sit we did at the end of last year at the same time the sit was published on the site. Sadly we can’t do it but it got me thinking how this works now there is the pause feature. Would I have to rush to get an application in to be in the first five if we had been in a position to accept it or can HO’s add the sit and then immediately accept the person they have invited?

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From reading other posts / topics on here I’m pretty sure a HO can invite a sitter of their choice by setting up the dates and then sending the sitter the invite. Think this is done in private without the sit showing on the platform but I’m sure someone with more knowledge / experience will come along shortly and confirm this (or put it in more concise wording!)


Hello, @LizBCN I am more than happy to help you with answering this.

@TheNomads is correct that the owner can invite you to private dates via the inbox.
Here is a help desk article which can explain further:

If you have further question please let me know


not at all! We’ve been invited privately multiple times and home owners simply need to send you a private application once you’ve agreed by WhatsApp. Go for it, with this new rule which makes everything harder for everyone, it’s up to us to resolve the issues it causes and make sure we all help each other, between HO and pet sitters.