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We are about to do a housesit that we have done before. The houseowner asks how he can invite us or confirm the sit without making the sit public to others.

Can this be done? If so how?

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I believe the homeowner can send a private invitation to you. As I am a sitter I am unsure how it is done. Hopefully someone on the forum or membership services can help.

Hello @Rubos,

Amazing that you have a repeat sit.

This help desk link will help you and the owner:

You can also get the owner to reach out to if after reading this they need more help and Membership Services can assist them.

Best wishes Carla

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@Carla-Moderator The help information you’ve provided shows how to convert a private to a public listing, but I don’t think shows how to create a private one. This has been a discussion in the past, where members have not been able to find the instructions online.

At the time it was discussed, I took a copy of the instructions a member provided. I did not bookmark the post, likely because it had other content.

@Rubos, here are the instructions I have, but I don’t know how long ago these were given.


fantastic @Snowbird. I will flag that we need another help desk topic that makes that clearer.

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