Instructions for opening up a sit without posting for all

Can anyone give me instruction so that a homeowner can open up a sit in the THS system and have a previous sitter do the sit without having to post it. I just completed a sit and the homeowner wants me to come back in a few months. I know that this is possible for her to do this, but I don’t have access to the homeowner site to send her the instructions on how to do this.

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Well If you have already be in her home, she has filled her home book with her personal mail or phone and you can contact her.

Otherwise when you had applied the first time you have sent your application to her and that message is still in your mailbox. And her answer too, so you can reply .
She can invite you privately . I guess you still have a subscription so your name and photo appear on the list of pet sitters.
The owner can find you on that list too and select among sitters living in the same country/town.

She must give dates and you must confirm. In order to have next sit confirmed in the system .

I don’t understand why she cannot find the explanation herself. It’s explained on THS On FAQ


Thanks! Many owners do not realize that they can privately invite sitters without posting the sit, so the instructions may not be be very clear as to how to do this. I have applied to 3 recent sits only to find out that they selected a previous sitter and said that they were just posting it as a formality. Member services sent me step by step instruction on how she can do this.


Hi @Southernsitter
That’s a great question. Owners can privately invite sitters to a sit through the inbox. When an owner is in a message with you, they will have the option to manage dates, or invite to private dates.

You can forward on these instructions to the owner, or have them reach out to us in Membership Services.

*Log in to your account
*Select your name in the top right corner (this will show as three lines on mobile/tablet)
*Select inbox from the drop-down menu
*Select the sitter’s name you wish to invite
*Select ‘invite to private dates’
*Here you can add your new private dates for your sitter

Let me know if you need anything else.
Katie - Membership Services