Using a Local sitter

Can I send an invite to a local sitter before/instead of posting the sit?

@Oma2-9 to cover yourself and your sitter, you should post the sit, invite the sitter, then have the sitter confirm immediately so that it basically disappears from the available sits site.

I think the simple answer to @Oma2-9 is yes. I thought the purpose of private dates was so that you didn’t have to post your sit publicly, and you could just privately invite the sitter you wish to sit for you. From the THS website:

There are two types of dates that you can add for your sit;

Public - which are posted to your home listing and viewable by all sitters in the community. Public dates are open to applications from any of our registered sitters around the world.

Private - are dates that have been sent a specific sitter only. These cannot be seen on your home listing and can only be applied to by those who have been invited to them. For instance, you may want to invite a previous sitter back again; rather than posting public dates for anyone to apply to, you could send a private invitation to this sitter in your inbox that only they can see.

You can privately invite more than one sitter at a time if you would like, meaning only invited sitters could apply to you.


@Oma2-9 Here are the instructions, but they were from a while ago so I hope they’re still current. I’m not an owner on the site, so I can’t test them for you.

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Thank you. That’s what I did

Thank you @Snowbird Just to add that the sitter does need be in your inbox messages to do this. (i.e, you have corresponded with them previously). You would therefore be unable to send a new sitter private dates. You would need to list your public dates first before you approach new sitters.