Inviting a pet sitter "how"

New to TH.
A prospective sitter saved my listing and I THINK I just invited her to sit.
But hard to know.
Is my invite archived?
Did I hit the right button to invite her???
Help please.

Steps to invite a sitter to a private listing:
Go to sitter’s profile
Hit Invite Sitter.
This should bring you back to your THS inbox where you can invite a city to either public or private dates.
If you invited a sitter to some dates with a message you should be able to find it in your inbox. It would only in your “archive” if you moved it to archive.
If you want to take it back, you can cancel the dates.
Chances are the sitter will decline anyway. If the sitter accepts, they are only accepting your invitation to apply. They aren’t accepting the sit. You would still need to confirm the sitter and they’d need to confirm back.

Hello @Penni Did you manage to find out if you invited the sitter in your inbox? @Marion offered some helpful advice. If you still need help then Membership Services can look in your inbox and see if you sent the invite and they can also talk you through the process.

If you have any more questions about finding a sitter the forum will be happy to help :slight_smile: