Inviting a local sitter

I’m having difficulty getting the right applicants so reached out to a local pet sitter from the site. I’m just wondering if the sitter also receives an email, or do they need to watch the notifications on their THS app? Am hoping for a quick reply but if they have to notice a notification on the app, it may take some time. Thank you.

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I’m guessing it depends on their settings. I will say that getting a sitter by invitation is a long shot so I don’t think there’s any harm in sending messages to multiple potential sitters. Also you can add a link to your sit on your forum profile and ask for feedback, maybe there’s something minor that’s causing sitters to hesitate to apply?

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Hi @kallie and welcome to the forum! Did you send an invitation to the sitter?
If so, they should receive it by email. If they have notifications enabled, they should also receive a notification. It’s important to send a message along with an invitation so the sitter feels that you are connecting with him/her and not just sending a generic invite to several people making it less likely they’ll consider it.

Invitations are generally not the best way to get a sitter. Sitters you contact may not be interested in your location, your pets, the dates may not work, etc. It’s much better if your listing attracts applicants. If you add your listing to your forum profile, forum members will give you helpful feedback and advice to make it stand out. Here are the instructions:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile


Thx. We’ve had several applicants but none match our needs. I’ve sent only the one invite as the person in our area sounds perfect. Was just hoping THS notified by email as that’s checked more often.
Thx fur your reply.

Thank you for your reply. Hopefully she will see the email notification.

Yes I sent her an invite as well as a message explaining why I was reaching out to her. The applicants (4) i have received have no experience with horses which is what we require. One lady had terrible reviews and wanted to bring her kids, and again no experience with horses. Our main photo is of our horse and she is our only pet.

The sits the lady I reached out to chooses all her sits in our area and her calendar was clear for the dates we need. She loves horses and is experienced. She sounds perfect.

I may try to post our link here. Thank you for the information on how to do that.

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It is good that you checked but it probably does not mean much.

The calendar shows when sitters have other confirmed sits. That is what the THS system handles. A sitter can also add other dates, but almost nobody does that.

Sorry to hear that so many unsuitable applicants apply. I suppose you know about the limit of 5? That makes some sitters send very hurried and ill-considered applications for attractive locations. But it sounds that the horse photo would be hard to miss.

The sitter should get an actual email at their registered email as well as something in the app/website “inbox”

Got a reply! She will be away but wants to come next year when we go. She seems so perfect.
Upgraded my account so I could boost it. Fingers crossed.
I see there are many in our region that say Low applicants. That’s worrisome
Have 2 months to find someone.

Thanks for your replies.

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You should attach your link to your profile here. I just looked to see what region you’re in.

We’re sitters, but personally I wouldn’t compare yourself to others nearby HO’s with ‘low applicants’, as their dates may be different, their specific location is different, their pets are different, their pets’ needs are different, there are so many differences from one sit to another, the specific timings of day they need someone may be different, there’s so many differences so I personally wouldn’t compare your own place with any one elses.

I tried from my phone but can’t figure it out. I think I’ll have to wait to do it from a desktop. The instructions don’t seem to match what I see on my phone. We are in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada.

So true HapoyDeb. Thanks.

In the app, when you press “Me” (at the bottom of the home screen), you will see something like this at the top of that page:

When you press the exporting box to the left of “Edit”, that will store a url in your clipboard.

It is long, with “campaign”, you could remove that. But that is the link to your profile as others see that. You can paste that in a browser.

Edit: Yes, this is the iPhone app.

Funny, I don’t get the Edit or the Export box.
When I click on View & Edit Listing, I get an Edit box but no export box their either. Are you using an iPhone? That’s what I’m using but no luck.
It’s okay, I’ve received a reply and another applicant today. I think the Boost worked.
Still looking as last one only wants to stay 14 days and we need 21. :roll_eyes: