Posting a request for a house sitter

I just put dates on Trusted Housesitters for someone to watch my dog and cat. I don’t even know where to see my request, or is it just out there on the cloud and anyone interested will email me? I did this once before and it seems I had people interested but I am not even sure if I posted correctly. Looking for advice and steps for posting dates please. Thank you!

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Hi @keysfun If you type your question in the help section (tab at top of the homepage), you’ll often find the answer you’re looking for.

Hi @keysfun I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will connect with you when she is back online just incase you need more help.

Thank you to @Petermac & @Snowbird for helping another new forum member …

Thank you. I need to change it to Public!

I tried to change it but could not. I had put it at private for someone that I hoped would sit, but they said no, not able to or whatever, so I want it public now! Thank you.

Hi @keysfun I see a colleague from membership services has emailed you steps of how to make your listing public.
Please let me know if you are still struggling, so I can help.
Best wishes

Yes, I knew those steps but here is what I’m confused about:

The glitch I ran into is that it says “ensure that the invitation has not been declined by the sitter”. This is confusing because the reason I want to make my dates public now is because the sitter declined my invitation for this sit, so I thought I was not allowed to go public. It doesn’t make sense to me. It seems if a sitter declines to sit, it would be a no-brainer to make the dates public because they did decline - and of course anyone would be looking for more sitters. Perhaps there is a typo and on the site it should say if the sitter “has declined”, which obviously shows she is unable to do the sit so one would have to find another sitter. Clarification will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @keysfun Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I agree, very confusing and not helpful. I will pass this on to our product team, so they can look at the process and the wording.
Best wishes