How Well Do You Know The Orange Cat?

If a red-coated kitty leaves your eyes bulging and heart melting, we’re in the same boat. From copper, amber and marmalade to tabby, tortoiseshell and calico, colour and pattern is nothing short of eclectic when it comes to orange cat breeds.

*And while every breed of orange cat brings something unique to the four-legged scene, sometimes fur colour is all these distinct cat breeds have in common. So, if you’re welcoming a fluffy friend home, finding a cat sitter or going cat sitting, let’s tell them apart with this handy guide to help you decide which ginger cat is your ideal feline sidekick.


Oh i think orange may be my favorite, ive had 2 very sweet ones & a couple more orange visiting/ short stays. :smile_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

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I love cats period, but the orange ones absolutely MELT me. I had an orange guy for 18 years. One vet thought he was a Maine Coon, but mostly he got categorized as an orange tabby. Boy oh boy, do I miss him.