Hiya from Baltimore!

Hi! I’m new to THS but not house and pet sitting! I have over 5 years experience caring for other people’s pets, and a lifetime of cat care experience. I have an orange tabby who is smug and sweet and I love him! Lol I’m excited to be here and start caring for pets while traveling!

If possible, would anyone be comfy looking over my profile and giving any tips or pointing out anything that needs revising? Just wanna be sure I’m putting my best self forward!

Thank you!


Hi @asellabella welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters and couldn’t resist sharing a pic of your …

I have added your profile link into your Forum profile that way other members in our community can view and perhaps share tips. The Direct Message option is great for having one to one conversations too.

If you need any help, guidance or advice getting started with the platform please just ask, although with 5 years pet and housesitting experience I’m sure you’ll have some great tips and experiences to share with our community.

Enjoy being here and we look forward to sharing in your new THS adventure.

Angela and the Forum Team

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Hi @asellabella and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I took a look at your profile, and these are the points that came to mind:

  • Starting your profile with ‘WFH’ - this acronym may not be as widely known as you might think. Given you only have a few words there, I would show the actual words instead.
  • Love your first photo :slightly_smiling_face:
  • In your first section you mention you have a cat. Do you hope to have it join you on sits? That needs to be clarified either way, and I’d do it in that opening section, where you first mention your pet.
  • If you have any experience with caring for a home, I would add that too.

I’m pleased to see that you asked for feedback. Often it’s not easy to have people critique your content, but forum members do so with a kind heart. Ultimately though, of course it’s your decision how much of it to apply.

I hope all goes well for you. Take note of suggestions from others on the forum, to initially apply for local sits at first, even if they don’t provide the experience you’re aiming for.

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Thank you for adding my link, I wasn’t sure how to do that lol

Excited to be here :relaxed:

Thank you so much for the advice!


Welcome to Trusted House Sitters! :slight_smile: Your kitty boy is so handsome. :heart:

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