How Well Do You Know Your Spaniels, Springer vs Cocker?

The Springer Spaniel vs Cocker Spaniel . No, we’re not talking about the next biggest boxing match, while these spaniels are working dogs , they are lovers, not fighters. The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest sporting dog in the world - a furry little companion who is a bit of a jack of all trades. Zoomies around a muddy field? No problem. Snuggles by the fire? Your pooch thought you’d never ask. That’s not too far from the truth for our slightly bigger Springer Spaniel either - Springers are true country bumpkins that love a good sniff around with their pet parents in tow.


I’m longing to sit for a spaniel or two, any make will do!


I have to say, they are cute in these photos! But I’m not jumping to sit one. Whenever we’re in the countryside and I’m on an energetic walk, I see one of these dogs bouncing around and moving forward quite quickly. Then, a full 1-2 minutes later, the owner shows up panting…that looks like too much hard work!

I always look for sits with spaniels - I’ve looked after 6 so far this year, and I have a sit in November with another 2. They are such a happy breed, full of life, and eager to please.


We’ve only done 1 sit with a spaniel so far, but we’re going back to see Neli the Springer and friends next year!


Our last sit was a Springer and our next is a Cocker! Love them both. My spot the difference is always to remember that cockers have shorter legs :slight_smile: We’ve looked after so many over the years, but Tinker, who’s in my profile photo is one of my all time favourites (the favourite we never have :laughing: )

Here’s our recent Springer!


Similar looking to a Springer - this is a Brittany


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity these pics remind me so much of our little Sassy, even though she was a Boykin Spaniel…those eyes!


This last year we have loved looking after two Springer Spaniels on separate occasions. One was highly trained and responded to a whistle which made walks pleasant for both of us! She was a mud magnet though and inevitably came home filthy! The owner had a hot water hose for outside use and a series of towels to dry the dog before it was allowed inside. This worked very well. The dog loved a hot shower too!
My daughter has a working Cocker Spaniel which is very energetic and highly strung. She can be very obedient as long as chicken treats don’t run out! Fortunately my grandson is very placid!


I think I am a bit biased here as I am very much Spring Spaniel obsessed…but it all started when I was a little girl a neighbors black cocker spaniel would always come over when it would rain. I adored this little dog and many MANY years later came to mind when we got our boy Zorro. I think it would be worth mentioning that even within the breed of English Springer Spaniels there is some difference between Field and Bench Springers. Field Springers have shorter hair and are the perfect hunting companions whereas Bench springers were bred more for companionship. Most ESS today are a mix of both Field and Bench but you can usually tell by their behavior and coat which they have more of.


My service dog - handed over in Feb/March 2024


My Holly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Dec 25th 1994 - Feb 14th 2008




@Chuckles absolutely gorgeous!


My thoughts as well when I met her.

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ESS are my favorite breed. Beautiful dogs, although can be very anxious. They come in Liver & white, black & white, or tri-color.

I want to mention that there are two breeds of cocker spaniel - American Cocker and English Cocker. They each have a distinct look and coat.

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How about a Christmas Springer?!


I adore spaniels! Owned a Brittany spaniel years ago. He was such a good boy!:heart:

How about a Feliz Naughty Dog Springer :sweat_smile:


A few years, I have a cocker spaniels, she was so beautiful and crazy :rofl:

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