Howdy from DFW Texas

I am fairly new to house sitting. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Have done mostly local sits due to COVID, but it’s worked out great because I still go into work on some days while I’m sitting. Looking forward to learn pro tips.


Hello @Minatks8, how do you manage to work while pet sitting ? Is the sit so close to your office?

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Hi @minatx8 and a big howdy back!

Welcome to our community forum, as someone just starting out we hope you’ll enjoy connecting with other new members and also those with lots of pet and housesitting experience, picking up some tips at the same time.

It’s great to hear you are sitting locally and can enjoy having the best of both worlds … pet company and time at work, would love to hear more.

Enjoy the conversations, feel free to ask any questions and please share your experiences.



Most of my sits have been fairly close to where I work. And on those days I’ve requested to work less hours. I always let the home/pet owners know of my plans to work and I make sure to keep their feeding/medicine schedule in mind. The main attraction for me to join house sitters was to get out of my own house. My two adult children both came back home. As a former empty nester I had gotten accustomed to have more peace and quiet. COVID had my family of 4 spending WAY TOO much time together in our small house and I was really needing an occasional change of scenery. I usually do the sits alone because it’s not something my husband enjoys as much as I do. A surprisingly big reward for me is knowing the sweets pets I care for are in their own safe home.

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Well @minatx8 , asking is interesting : I laughed with your explanations. Pets seem less boring than kids !! :rofl:

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