Hey from California!

I’ve been a sitter for years and love it! I have even been able to safely continue sitting during the pandemic, thanks to my “repeaters”!


“Hey right back to you @btee” thank you for joining our community forum, from sunny California, it’s great to have you here and amazing that you’ve been able to continue sitting throughout this really challenging time, it really is all about community, connections and beloved pets.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your THS story, enjoy being part of our forum.

Angela & The Team


Welcome @btee ! Great to have you on the forum!

We too are in Cali at the moment and have managed full time sitting (we’re very grateful!) split between repeats and new sits. Isn’t a wonderful feeling to arrive to a familiar home with owners that are great friends and pets that you adore?

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Yes! It’s so nice to go to a sit that is familiar and comfortable!

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