I find Animal Instincts Fascinating

I am currently on a pet sit with a cat, Lucky. As I sat eating my lunch, I peeked out into the lanai and noticed Lucky bathing herself after her early afternoon snack. It made me think: How do animals know instinctively what to do? A cat bathes herself after a meal; a cat goes to the bathroom in a litter box and when she is done–covers it up. Does any other animal do this? Think of a spider and how it makes its spider web or a sea turtle being hatched into the world never having seen its parents. The sea turtle can instinctively dig its way out of hatchery. I find all animals simply fascinating of how they have innate abilities to live in the world. Is there any animal instincts that fascinates you?


Humans :sparkling_heart:
We have instincts. We have just been “Domesticated”
And I love this post.

Great topic. It always fascinates me when our sheep lamb or our pigs farrow. How do the little ones know where to seek out the teat, latch on and drink? Up till this point all they’ve known is floating/being bathed in warm fluid. Now they have to breathe, master the art of standing and feed all within a few minutes. It is amazing to watch.


This has the potential to be a really great conversation thank you @sharondc for initiating … here is a really insightlful article


How does a baby know how and when to suck? Must be the same instinct.
My daughter was minutes old and was feeding while they cut the chord and I delivered the afterbirth. Even thinking about it makes me cry. What a moment.

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@Margaret True also for baby calves drinking from the udder of its mom…yes, all amazing to watch